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Our Services
This is an advanced psychology-based employment consulting company that helps:
- individual people and groups to understand their own and others' natural employment
- businesses and governments in their hiring processes to understand/determine who is naturally employed in the positions they are hiring for
- employment agency/assistance businesses and the government department of unemployment help the unemployed understand their natural employment, so they can apply for the correct fields of work 

The consultations/advice given by this company is more advanced than current, modern psychology taught in universities.

We Have Two Methods to Help You

Understand Yours & Others' Most Natural Employment:
 Both of our methods work really well. One is a detailed questionnaire and the other is an art therapy program. We know that when you work in your most natural employment, you are the most happy and productive in life that you can be. Please see below.

Detailed Questionnaire

We give you a very detailed questionnaire to complete so that we know everything we need to know about you, and we use it to assess your natural career.

Our Cost: $100

Art Therapy Activities

We facilitate very fun art activities which are practical and self-expressive, so that we know everything about you. Then, we use them to assess your natural career. These art therapy sessions are also good recreational therapy. And the final products can be used in real life to decorate your apartment or even to sell.

Our Cost for Each Session: $25

We have over 20 sessions.

Our Employees:

Owner & Creator of Naturally Employed

Name: Melissa Kay Kinder


* A U.S.A. presidential-level and United Nations-level, advanced psychological revolutionary! She has many advanced psychology-based work projects.

* Graduated with a bachelor's degree in Psychology / Business Administration, and self-studied advanced psychology for many years.

* Taught life skills in various fields

* Studied and obtained the information used for this company independently, mostly in non-for-profit unemployment centers, where all socioeconomic classes of people were found in the same location, and where she had conversations with, observed, and did or lead art activities with these unemployed people

* Created the advanced psychology-based employment questionnaire to assess people' natural employment fields which is used in this company

* Created the art therapy lessons to show people's natural employment fields which are used by this company

Other Employees:


We are currently seeking to hire other staff to work on commission, finding clients with income in places like homeless shelters, universities, or anywhere else they choose.

Melissa Kinder. Social Media Only..jpg
Future Books for Purchase:

Two advanced psychology-based books, related to this company, will be available to purchase online in the near future:

(1) This first book is called, 'Natural Employment,' and it teaches the reader to notice their own natural employment fields by monitoring every aspect of their daily lives.

(2) The second book is called, 'Art Therapy for Employment,' and it is a list of art therapy tasks, which if completed, tell you your most natural employment.  

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