About Us

What This Business Does:
We are an advanced perspective PSYCHology-based development company that:

- sells full project plans for
- educates on how to create
- gives advice on current
- finances our own projects for

ascended products, businesses, cities, and governments.

Our Explanation of Ascended:

(Information for this section will be added later.)

Why Our Ascended Development is Needed:

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Political Party of This Business: 

The political party's ideology that we identify with is the advanced PSYCHology-based one called, 'Ascension Political Party,' which attempts to ascend the government, cities, businesses, people, and products to the most ascended level, so it is appropriate for all classes of people.

Our Business's Staff:

Our Staff

We are currently seeking employees to work on commission. We are seeking staff with business degrees.

Owner & Creator: 

Name: Melissa Kay Kinder


* She is a U.S.A., presidential-level and United Nations-level, advanced PSYCHological revolutionary, with many advanced psychology-base work projects!
* She graduated with a bachelors in PSYCHology / Business Administration and studied advanced PSYCHology for many years indepently.
* She is the creator of the product, business, city and government plans sold and financed by this business.

* She is the creator and owner of the following other advanced PSYCHology-based businesses online: 'Life Skill Divide Development,' 'PBCG Skills' 'Life Skills Divide Political Party', 'Ascension Political Party', 'Ascension Elections', and more...
* She is working on many related advanced PSYCHology-based educational books, which will later be available for purchase online, including: 'City Skills Ascension,' 'Government Skills Ascension, and 'Business Skills Ascension,' 'Life Skills Ascension,' and more....


newest social media and blog picture of me. presidential & U.N. level advanced psychologic