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What our Organization Does:


This is an advanced perspective PSYCHology-based, non-religious, but PSYCHic, 'REVELATIONS'-oriented development company that:

  • sells the project plans for

  • educates on the creation of 

  • advises current businesses, cities, & governments on

  • finances our own projects for


life skill divided businesses, cities & governments.

We focus on creating places with: 

- no or less PSYCHological human rights violations

- higher PSYCHological intelligence

- no or less Austigers Autism

- no or less PSYCHic harm

- less harm to the PSYCHe

- people, products, and services divided by their life skills/behavior/morals

What are Life Skills?

They are the skills which make up socioeconomic class and are needed to succeed in life. The higher a person's life skills, the higher their socioeconomic class. Life skills include: nutrition, fitness, fashion, communication, sexual procreation practices, etc...

What is Life Skills Division?


(Information for this section will be added later.)


Why Life Skill Divided Development is Needed:


(Information for this section will be added later.)


Political Party of This Organization:


* The political party we affiliate with is the advanced PSYCHology-based party called, 'Life Skills Divide Political Party,' which believes in the division of government, cities, businesses, people, and products based on the level of their life skills and that people have the right to be around others who share the same life skill level in each field of life. This political party attempts to get the government to divide people inside the government as they are found within the businesses of capitalism.

Our Organization's Staff: 


We currently do not have any staff other than the owner and will be seeking other staff soon.

Owner & Creator of This Business:

Name: Melissa Kay Kinder


* She is a U.S.A., presidential-level and United Nations-level, advanced PSYCHological revolutionary and PSYCHological advocate and activist!

* She is trying to:


- assist with major PSYCHological human rights violations (especially ones which the governments and the United Nations are not yet assisting with or are even ignoring, and ones which non-for-profit and for-profit businesses have not yet been created to assist with)

- ascend the PSYCHological intelligence of the fields of PSYCHology and PSYCHiatry and the general public out of Austigers Autism (a term that she created), for they don't understand what is wrong!

* She graduated from university with a bachelor's degree in PSYCHology/Business Administration and then independently studied advanced PSYCHology and more for many, many years.


* She created all the business, city, and government plans which are sold and being financed or used by this company.


* She has many has many advanced PSYCHology-based work found online projects, including:


- two political parties, one called, 'Life Skills Divide Political Party, and the other called, 'Ascension Political Party.'

- an elections company 'Ascension Elections'

- another development business called 'Ascended Development'

- many political businesses

- many social businesses

- many educational books, such as ones called, 'Life Skills Ascension,' 'Business Skills Ascension,' 'Government Skills Ascension,' & City Skills Ascension.'



newest social media and blog picture of me. presidential & U.N. level advanced psychologic
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