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Business Plans For Sale:

Types of Businesses: 

* Single businesses that life skill divide inside

* Malls (a collection of businesses) that life skill divide inside

What We Offer:

* Name * Logo * Slogan * Architectural Design* Website Design

* Interior & Exterior Design * Uniforms * Assistance in Hiring the Right Quality of Staff * Rules for the business * Communications of staff * Marketing & Advertising * Store layout/organization of products, services & staff

* More...


Not told online

Business Advise: 

What We Advise On: 


* How to life skill divide products, services, staff & clients, and sections of business by life skills

* How to match staff & other qualities of the business to the life skills of the clients and the life skills & quality of the area of the city


$500 total

Finance Our Own Projects:


Find Investors:

We attempt to finance many of the same business projects that we sell as business plans.

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