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City Plans For Sale:

Types of Cities

* Full Cities with their Own Government

* Cities within Cities with Own Government

* Cities within Cities without Own Government

These cities are like charter cities and have different laws and different business organization than current exist. These cities divide the products, businesses, and people by their life skills in each field with 100% organization. 

What We Offer: 

* Urban/City Planning Designs * Building Architectural Designs * A Legal System * Government Plans * A Collection of Individual Businesses * A Website Design * Names, Logo & Flag, etc..


Not told online

City Advise: 

What We Advise On: 

* How to better organize the city's government, businesses, products, and people by life skills

* How to add new businesses that divide by life skills

* How to tax based on life skills

* More...


$ 500 / topic

Finance Our Own Projects:


Find Investors:

We attempt to finance many of the same city projects that we sell as city plans.

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