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About Us
This political party is intended partially as a PSYCHological Revolution!
It is PSYCHology-based, though with a more advanced PSYCHological perspective than current PSYCHology, with an emphasis on major PSYCHological human rights violations and:
- Austigers Autism (a new term)
- Life Skills Classes
- PSYCHe Issues
- PSYCHic Issues
- PSYCHiatric Reform
- More...
Our Political Party's General Ideology


This political party's main purpose is to, from an advanced PSYCHological perspective, ascend the quality of the government (and the rest of society, but especially the government) to at least equal to, but preferably above, the quality of upper-class businesses and employees in capitalism (for, in reality, we life in a class-based-divided society, based on certain life skills but not based all life skills, the government is below the lowest in class and an illegitimate authority, and the upper-class in capitalism are not the highest quality that can or does exist).


Because, right now, the quality of the government is:


- worse than the quality of the lowest class businesses in capitalism.

- for only the worse than lowest in class people found in capitalism.

- severely austigic autistic, causing most of society to be austigic autistic

- too low in life skills and life skills education causing most of society to be too low in life skills

- harmful and neglectful of its citizens

- un-fully developed


Because all classes of people in society, upper, middle, and lower: 


- deserve a government that is above the upper class in a class-divided system, not below its lower class.

- need and use the government, not just the worse than the lower in class in capitalism. 

- deserve to not be harmed and neglected by its government

And because, it is a PSYCHological human rights violation to have a government not ascended above society but be below it.

Our Political Party's Most Urgent & Important Goals

(1) Ascend All Places Outside of Capitalism:


which are either the government, forced by the government, or required because of no income, such as:

* forced PSYCHiatric hospitals and clinics * government stipend offices (like DHHS, DHUD, SSA, DSS, etc..) * homeless shelters * prison & jails * schools * non-for-profit social service centers * police * courts * non-for-profit doctor's offices * unemployment centers * life counseling centers * more... 


Because these places:

- are non-ascended compared to too many places inside of capitalism

- there is no life skill division inside of them either, as capitalism has

- people's bodies are PSYCHically connected and affected by each other and more PSYCHically harmed in these places if they are middle or upper in class

- cause harm to people's PSYCHes, non-PSYCHically because of they are so non-ascended and have no life skill divisions, unlike capitalism

- harm the quality and life skill / socioeconomic class of the surrounding area

- more...

(2) Stop Forced PSYCHiatry:


Because PSYCHiatry:


- is too un-ascended and low in life skills

- is too illegitimate

- has no life skill divisions of the workers and the clients

- does not understand the PSYCHic realm and calls the PSYCHic realm PSYCHosis

- causes decreased life skills from its pharmaceutical drugs, especially the anti-PSYCHotics

- is harming too many people with its toxic PSYCHiatric drug's neurological and other side effects

- harms too many people, especially people higher in life skills than current PSYCHiatry and its workers

- is a pseudoscience with no medical proof of its diseases

- is harming real PSYCHics and people experiencing the realm PSYCHic realm, especially in positive ways​

(3) Ascend the Quality of PSYCHiatry & PSYCHological Counseling Services (Especially Forced Services)

(4) Help the PSYCHics and People going through PSYCHic Experiences from PSYCHiatry & Raise Awareness about PSYCHic Issues:

The government and PSYCHiatry are falsely calling PSYCHic and other paranormal abilities and phenomenon a delusion and a mental illness called PSYCHosis or schizophrenia and PSYCHiatrically drugging them with anti-PSYCHotics, often by force and under arrest, attempting to make them non-PSYCHic or not experience the PSYCHic realm, and they are not teaching people about or even mentioning PSYCHic issues.

(5) Help People Suffering from PSYCHotronic Torture:


People, who often call themselves Targeted Individuals (T.I.s), are being harmed by PSYCHotronic / PSYCHic technology (by the government and other groups and people), and there is no justice because currently the government has no ability to prove that it is happening and PSYCHiatry is falsely calling it a delusion and a mental illness called PSYCHosis or schizophrenia when it is not, PSYCHiatrically drugging them, often by force and under arrest, with anti-PSYCHotics, attempting to make them not PSYCHically aware or as PSYCHically affected by the PSYCHotronics.


(6) Better Help the Homeless / Dislocated People Outside of Capitalism


All classes of people are being harmed (including PSYCHic harm and harm to their PSYCHe) and neglected in homelessness, fully exited from capitalism, because of the quality of the current homeless shelters and the government, and society as a whole, the people not neglected outside of capitalism, have too much austigers autism to know how to help or to think that they should help.

Some of Our Political Party's Other Important Goals:


* Raise Awareness for & Ascend People Out of "Austigers Autism"


Austigers Autism is the reason that the:



- is currently so undeveloped

- harms and neglects so many people

- miseducates society so badly


- don't have high enough life skills

- don't understand the life skills needed for ascension in society

- don't know or understand the hierarchy of class existing for each life skill field

- how people in society are divided in class by their ascension level in certain life skills

* Educate on Ascended Life Skills and the Classes that Exist in Life Skills & Ascend People in Life Skills

* Raise Awareness on the PSYCHic Realm & PSYCHic Issues & Ascend People in PSYCHic Ability

Main Reasons this Political Party was Formed
* The Governments; Businesses Connected to the Government, and Acting Like Government; and Free Non-for-Profit Social Service Centers are: 
- too lower in quality than even the lowest in class businesses inside capitalism
- not for every class of person, but only the lowest in class
- too severely harming and neglecting people
- causing, specifically, too much PSYCHological harm & PSYCHic harm
- too austigic autistic
- too low in life skills
How this Political Party was Formed
The owner and creator of this political party was falsely harmed by PSYCHiatry and then harmed even more when she exited capitalism for some time due to the side effects of PSYCHiatric poisoning, and while exited, was exposed to:
the low-quality governments, non-for-profits partially funded by the government, and for-profits connected to the government.
She had never been to lower in class places in her life. And, because of the low quality of these places, she was severely harmed and neglected and could not re-enter capitalism through them, plus she was never able to obtain justice for what she went through. But, while she was inside these low-quality places, she studied what was wrong with them and how to fix them.
Our Political Party Compared to Other Political Parties
* The closest political party to ours is 'Life Skills Divide Political Party,' which seeks to
divide by life skills all places outside of capitalism which are the government themselves, connected to or forced by the government, given grants by the government, or are required by people with no other option because of current low or no income. And to provide a government for all life skilled skilled/classes of people and not just for the lowest in life skills/class.
* The next closest political parties to ours are the totalitarian and authoritarian ones.
Our Political Party's Staff
We are currently seeking employees to work on commission.
The Owner & Creator of this Political Party

Name: Melissa Kay Kinder​


* She is U.S.A., presidential-level and United Nations-level, advanced PSYCHological revolutionary and PSYCHological human rights advocate and activist!


* She is trying to:


- assist with many major advanced PSYCHological human rights violations (especially ones which the governments and the United Nations are not yet assisting with and even ignoring, ones which no non-for-profit or for-profit businesses have been created to assist with, and ones which happen in every country in the world)

- ascend the PSYCHological intelligence of the fields of PSYCHology and PSYCHiatry and the general public out of Austigers Autism (a term that she create), for they don't understand what is wrong!

* She graduated university with a bachelor's degree in PSYCHology/Business Administration.


* She studied advanced PSYCHology independently for many years:


- abroad in countries with higher and lower life skills and legal systems

- the variation in level of each life skill that exists and of the upper, middle, and lower class in the USA​.

- what is wrong with most businesses, governments & cities and how to ascend them.


* She taught life skills in various fields.

* She created many advanced PSYCHology-based work projects currently found online, including: 


- a business to teach ascended life/personal skills, business, government, and city skills in, called 'PBCG Skills,' and is working on many businesses that are either for the highest in life skills​ / socioeconomic class or which divide products and services by life skills

-  the political party 'Life Skill Divide Political Party.'

- two development businesses which sell business plans for ascended or life skill divided cities, governments & businesses.  They are now, 'Ascended Development' 'Life Skill Divide Development' and many, many other businesses.

- many political businesses

- many social businesses

- many educational books about life, business, city, and government skills

- many novels PSYCHoautobiographical novels about what happened to her to cause her to create this political party and why.

newest social media and blog picture of me. presidential & U.N. level advanced psychologic
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