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The United Nations declares that it is inhumane and illegal to not provide housing to the homeless.



* Not ascending and dividing the homeless by life skills / socioeconomic class as at least they are found inside of capitalism causes:

- PSYCHic harm (as human bodies are connected to each other and capitalism keeps people divided so there is less PSYCHic Harm) to the homeless and to the people living around the homeless

- PSYCHological trauma, depression, etc...

* Not Helping the homeless causes the PSYCHic sharing of the un-helped homeless people's trauma, depression, non-PSYCHiatric diseases, etc..., PSYCHically harming a whole city



Spy & Military Homeless Situations Assistance:


* Get the United Nations to provide appropriate assistance to people who are homeless because of spy and/or military situations, and need isolation and protection from other people around them, especially people who are not going to seek political asylum, but enter into politics



Homeless Shelters: 

Create Homeless Stipend Program

* Have the government create a homeless stipend program give stipends to the homeless instead of giving grants to the non-ascended, low quality non-for-profit homeless shelters because homeless people are severely being harmed by the non-for-profit shelters with no socioeconomic class division and lower socioeconomic class staff and services


Create Government Homeless Shelters

* Have the government create its own homeless shelters instead of allowing the non-for-profits (especially the religious ones) to control homelessness and just giving grants to them. 

* turn the recreation centers/fitness centers that exist into 24/7 homeless shelters with all other life assistance services there. Free recreation/fitness centers are not needed, and especially not compared to homeless shelters. People with no income need free shelter more than they need free recreation/fitness. 

Separate Government from Current Non-for-Profits

* Stop the government from contracting with the current non-for-profits (especially the religious ones) already assisting the homeless when it attempts to create government homeless shelters or to help the homeless in any way.

Stop Treating Homeless as PSYCHiatric

* Stop treating the homeless like the are mentally/PSYCHiatrically ill and forcing PSYCHiatry on them 

Study All Reasons for Homelessness & Methods Out

* Learn all the reasons people go homeless and all of the ways for people to get back out of homelessness. The government and most non-for-profits don't know this.

Change Location of Emergency Homeless Shelters

* stop placing homeless people onto their basketball courts inside their recreation/fitness centers in hypothermia & hypothermia,. Though the fitness/recreation centers may be the only government nearby that exists, some better place is needed. It is an embarrassment to take care of homelessness with a basketball court. (Again the recreation/fitness centers can turn into human service/homeless shelters to take care of a bigger problem than fitness.)

Separate Religion from Homelessness Assistance


* stop the government from giving grants only to and networking with only the faith-based non-for-profit organizations already helping the homeless.

* monitor that the departments responsible for housing and the homeless also have a separation from religion

Create Laws that Homeless Shelters Must:

Require that Clients are from the Area

* have new standards of admittance, that the client must have lived in the area before homelessness, or at least have the right life skills / socioeconomic class and intend to be re-entered in employment in the area. The property value of homes and the quality of the area decreases when these homeless shelters are nearby because non-for-profit homeless shelters are currently bringing the wrong life skilled people into areas by not charging a fee and by not requiring that the homeless lived in the area of the city before going homeless. 

Life Skill (Socioeconomically) Divide the Clients & Staff

* life skill / socioeconomically divide the clients and the staff in homeless shelters as they are inside of capitalism, by the area that they lived or will re-enter and by their employment. Clients should meet the same people inside of homeless shelters that they met inside of capitalism.


Not Treat Clients like all from the Lowest Socioeconomically Class


* not treat all clients with services only for the lowest in life skill and socioeconomic class (including job advertisements, job training programs, recreational activities, educational classes, etc...)

Housing Voucher Programs: 

Stop 70% Rent Pay & Move Recipients into Low-Income Housing


* stop the housing voucher program (formerly called section 8). Instead of illogically helping people by paying 70% of their rent. The government should instead of move them to lower income neighborhoods, to smaller homes, to smaller towns, or help them to find roommates. This programs allows recipients to live in areas that are above their life skills and socioeconomic class.

Waiting List is too Long

* the housing voucher programs long waiting list problem needs to be fixed, if the program is kept.

Stop Requirement of the Disability or Family for Assistance


* stop requiring that people either have a disability or a family in order to qualify for housing, needs to stop. People without disabilities and without families should also be helped. There are too many people pretending to have a disability or having a baby before they are ready in order to get helped by the government. 

The Homeless Need Immediate Assistance


- people need immediate (same day) assistance with housing during homelessness. There are people waiting over five years for assistance while completely homeless. 

Homeless Spy & Military Situations Assistance


- get the government to assist homeless people going through spy and military situations with special programs to get them into special isolated locations (especially people trying to enter politics to reform the government)

Taxes Based on Conservatism: 

* Tax people higher if they are non-conservative with housing, such as buying or renting:


- a home that has more bedrooms than people in their household

- more than one home


This tax is to encourage conservatism. Conservatism is ascended, and non-conservatism is un-ascended.

Street Outreach: 


Have Government Walk the Sidewalks Helping

* Have the government walk or drive through the streets helping the homeless to go housed. The homeless are not getting assisted properly. At best, they get food, clothes and blankets from non-for-profit workers. No one walks up to them and asks if they need: a job, a lawsuit, political asylum, housing, a government stipend for re-entry, etc... And the only member of the government walking around is the police and sometimes the department of behavioral health. 

Give Out Tents

* Have the government give out tents to people who are waiting to get assisted with homelessness and have them sleep directly in front of the government. 

Remove Outdoor Sleepers Not from Area


* Remove homeless people sleeping outside from areas in which they did not:


- live before homelessness (either long-term housing or hotels, motels or hostels)

- work/go to school before homelessness


and move them by force to:


- the department of human services area (or whatever government department is responsible for helping them)

- the area where they used to live if the government doesn't help them quickly or enough.


Homeless people are sleeping in areas where they will not go back housed or employed. An exception can be made if they have the same life skills as the people in the area and intend to, & are likely to, re-enter work & housing in that area.

Understand Types of Homeless People: 

* Understand that there many types of homeless/dislocated people who need to be treated differently:


- people who need SSI benefits to get back re-entered into capitalism via employment and then they can go off of the stipend once re-entered,

- people who are unemployed and want employment in order to get out of homelessness and not a government stipend

- people who need an SSDI check and are too disabled to work but will live off of the stipend after they are re-entered,

- people who are too disabled to work but refuse to use the government (or churches) for assistance because of their quality being so low or the fact that they were harmed by them 

- people who already receive an SSI or SSDI check, but don't know how to get back re-entered and no one is properly helping them, and

- people working but without enough money yet for housing or who don't know how to be conservative

- people who are wanting political asylum from the government and that is why they are not working or getting services from the government

- people who stop wanting to work and wish to be left homelessness

- criminals that can't re-enter or they will go to prison. The government needs to find out who is who. Right now, these people are just ignored by the government.

For-Profit, Same-Day Rent Government Housing:


* Have the government create for profit apartments and dormitories that have same day rent. This will help people who are homeless once they get income and others get rehoused much faster.  

SSDI For-Profit Housing: 

* Have the government control cheap housing complexes and roommate matching services for people on SSDI checks who are homeless. 


Employment Plus Housing Programs:


* Have the government create employment plus housing programs, where people get a job and housing at the same time and the government does not loose money.



Cities with No Homelessness​


* Promote the creation of new cities and city areas with no homelessness.



Create Ascended Homeless Shelters


* Promote the creation of new for-profit and non-for-profit homeless shelters and centers that: 




- are not religious


Don't Treat Homeless like Druggies or PSYCHiatric


- don't treat homeless people like they have either drug problems or mental/PSYCHiatric illness. 


Class Divisions as in Capitalism


- have class divisions of the people, just as they are found inside of capitalism


Clients from Area


- have rules that clients must have lived or worked in the area before homelessness or had a crime committed against them which made them homeless while shopping in the area


Ascended Recreational Activities


- have higher in class recreational activities than just lower in class recreational activities as the current shelters have


Don't Treat Clients Like Lower in Class Only


- don't treat their clients like they are all lower-class workers, but instead like they are from every class: upper, middle and lower. 


Create Specialized Homeless Shelters


* Promote the creation of specialized homeless shelters for the following issues:


- spy & military situations

- political issues

- PSYCHic or PSYCHotronic Issues

- victims of PSYCHiatry 

* Promote the creation of specialized homeless shelters that are:


- actual employment field divided

- natural employment field divided 

- for university degreed clients only

- not for SSDI recipients or divides SSDI recipients from others

- age divided

- reason for homelessness divided

- divided by 'want to be employed', 'don't want to be employed', or 'already employed'

- healthcare problem divided

- healthcare life skills (like nutrition and fitness) and current health divided

- for business owners only (for people trying to start a business to get out of homelessness)

- for ascended clients only

SSDI Housing​


* Promote the creation of for-profit homeless shelters for SSDI recipients only. 


Smaller Housing


* Promote the creation of new housing units in cities with much smaller living space and for sleeping only so that low-income residents can afford housing. These can be micro-apartments, bunk bed shared rooms in hostels,... The smaller the living/sleeping space, the cheaper the price.

Daily Rent Housing


* Promote the creation of apartments that charge rent daily. This will allow people more easily to get out of homelessness and to change housing in emergencies quicker. 


PSYCHic Protection Housing


* Promote the creation of apartments, houses, and motels which have walls and ceilings which are made of materials like concrete, brick, etc... which block PSYCHic connections to people and to PSYCHotronic technology, so residents can't be harmed as much on the PSYCHic realm.




Conservative Housing


Find Roommates


* Encourage SSDI and SSI recipients and low-income workers who are homeless, to find roommates so as to afford housing in large cities. 

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