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Mandatory Conversation Classes


* Incorporate mandatory conversation (small talk) classes into the curriculum of all grades in government grade schools


Stop Advanced English Vocabulary​


Stop Teaching Advanced English Vocabulary


* Stop the forced advanced English vocabulary that is being taught in government grade schools because it is not necessary for actual success in society in any field (except to get accepted into university) and it is more life skilled to speak and write with English vocabulary that 100% of society can understand.

Stop Testing Advanced English Vocabulary in College & University Entrance Exams

* Create laws that advanced English vocabulary which is not used in real life by most people cannot be part of the test for entrance into colleges or universities.


​Improve Staff Conversation Skills with the Public


* Demand that the government improve its staff's conversation skills with clients.


Counseling Small Talk Businesses


- Promote the creation of businesses that teach small talk conversations to all types of people and not just to the autistic


Conversation Center Businesses


* The creation of conversation center businesses for people to practice or spend time in the recreation of conversation, instead of people sitting in restaurants eating or drinking and having conversations, is needed. No businesses yet exist for people to simple sit and have conversations.



​Improve their Conversation Skills


* Encourage people to improve their ordinary small talk conversation skills.



Better Materials for Learning Small Talk Needed


* Promote the creation of new and better books, C.D.s, and other materials that teach ordinary small talk conversation.

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