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Religious Issues


The United Nations declares that it is not humane to have no separation between government and religion.



Separate Religion from the Government More


* Enforce the separation of religion from the government in the following places which it is currently not separated from: 


- forced PSYCHiatry through the government

- homeless & social service centers funded by the government

- human services

- prisons & jails

- money: both dollar bills and coins

- the pledge of allegiance

- the walls of U.S. Congress

- more...

Investigate Churches for PSYCHic & PSYCHotronic Possessions


* Investigate the churches for PSYCHically possessing people with PSYCHic people and with advanced PSYCHotronic technology, pretending it to be Jesus. What many 'targeted individuals' complain about sounds like religious PSYCHic possessions.

PSYCHiatry & PSYCHosis Versus PSYCHic

* Make the population aware that PSYCHiatry claims that the following are a delusion and a 'mental' / PSYCHiatric illness called PSYCHosis:

- every PSYCHic / paranormal phenomenon in the bible

- the act of PSYCHic communication with God in prayer (such as the 'voice of God' inside mind)

PSYCHiatry vs. 50% of Population as Religious


* Make PSYCHiatry aware that 50% of the population is religious and believes in God and the religion(s) and that PSYCHiatry claims that all the PSYCHic / paranormal phenomenon in the religions is a delusion and a 'mental' / PSYCHiatric illness called PSYCHosis. 



Cities with No Religion


​* Promote the creation of new charter cities and areas of cities with no religion.



Counseling Businesses Against Religion


* Promote the creation of businesses that un-brainwash people out of religion, teaching them what is wrong with their religion.


​Creation of Non-Religious Businesses


* Promote the creation of non-religious:


- PSYCHiatry centers

- homeless or social service centers


Investigation of Churches Businesses


* Promote the creation of businesses to investigate the churches for using PSYCHics and advanced PSYCHotronic technology to PSYCHically possess and manipulate people. 



Teach People about their Religion, PSYCHic Realm, & PSYCHiatry


​* Teach, let people know that:



- how their church leaders are explaining the religions wrong & from the wrong/unascended/low-life-skilled perspective (& usually from a very austigic autistic perspective)

- what is wrong with their religion and attempt to brainwash them out of it and explain that there is more happening on the PSYCHic realm than the religion explains

- all the PSYCHic / paranormal components in the main religions so that they understand (there is much more than the genral public knows of)

- religious PSYCHic beliefs & experiences are the same thing as PSYCHosis (especially Schizophrenia, a form of PSYCHosis) in PSYCHiatry, with PSYCHiatry falsely believing all PSYCHic experiences to be just 'mental' / PSYCHiatric Illnesses

- some people are PSYCHic and this might be who they are praying to and being manipulated by and not 'God.' 

- there are many people complaining that they are possessed and manipulated by advanced PSYCHotronic technology that seems 'God-like' and that church members could be going through this as well. 


Teach People about Religion & Laws


* Make people aware that: 

- religious laws are stricter (more ascended or higher in life skills) than most secular countries' laws

- there are stricter (more ascended or higher in life skills) laws than religious laws that many people follow outside of their government and religion which should be taught

- religious laws leave out many aspects of life that require laws

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