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Disability Pay Stipend Issues



Re-Assess Everyone on Disability​ Pay, Especially PSYCHiatric

* Re-assess everyone currently on a disability stipend (both PSYCHiatric & non-PSYCHiatric disablity stipend holders) as to whether they are really too disabled to be hired and to work without being fired because too many people on disability checks are fully able to be hired and work without being fired, and some are fully pretending to be sick who never were or pretending to still be sick who used to be sick. The government is wasting money on the wrong people. Plus, the wait list for getting on a disability stipend is too long (years) mostly because of all the people not actually disabled taking up all of the money from the government.


* PSYCHiatrically disability pay has a huge problem! PSYCHiatry has zero biomedical proof for any of its diseases and constantly diagnoses people with diseases that they don't actually have.


- Many people know this and pretend to have a PSYCHiatric disease because they know PSYCHiatry requires no biomedical proof. There are so many people on social security disability who party all day and night. Especially obvious are the people diagnosed with bipolar.

- Other people have zero PSYCHiatric disease or zero PSYCHiatric disease that keeps them from working and staying working, but PSYCHiatry has falsely labeled them as PSYCHiatrically disabled--for example: schizohrenia and general PSYCHosis

- Other people are harmed by PSYCHiatry and are only healthcare disabled because PSYCHiatry has harmed them and is currently harming them with PSYCHiatriac drugs. And this really needs to stop. These people could work if PSYCHiatry would stop disabling them.

* Some, maybe many, people on PSYCHiatric disability just don't know their natural careers, as they were never told what they were, or can't obtain their wanted careers, and thus have the real PSYCHiatric disease of depression, and choose not to work. But they have the ability to be hired and to work.

The disability stipend system is fully unjust with people dying visibly in parks and on sidewalks, not able to move, and not on disability checks at all, while other people visibly with zero disease walk around partying all day, while on a disability stipend.

Change Requirements for Disability Pay

* Change the requirements for a disability check to the people have to look and act like they are not able to be hired or stay hired without being fired

Create Government Disability Doctors' Office 


* The government needs to have its own disability's claim doctor's office and doctors inside or nearby its disability office

Government Homeless Shelters for Disability Applicants

* The government should allow the homeless disability applicants to sleep inside the disability office while they await their disability stipends

Decrease Waiting Time

* Decrease the waiting period for benefits

Place Homeless at Top of List


* Place the fully homeless disabled, without income or resources, above on the waiting list the people non-homeless with the same disabilities

Obtain More Funding 


* The government needs to obtain more money in funding for disabilities and can get that money from programs which are less needed, such as: free government fitness centers, free government aids & STD clinics, grants given to free libraries, etc...

Government Street Outreach


* The government disabilities office needs to do street outreach and walk down sidewalks and in the parks, finding the disabled homeless and not only offer their services but drive them to get assistance in all the proper places. So many homeless are too disabled to get across the city to all the places they need to get to for assistance and also don't know where to go at all. People are visibly dying or lying or sitting down immobilized with disease in public view, and the government ignores them.



* Promote the creation of new cities and city areas which have: 


- no visibly disabled people sleeping outside in neglect

- no people on disability pay who can visibly work


* Teach people that the disability stipend program


-has too long of a waiting list

- sometimes helps the wrong people

- is too neglectful

* Encourage people to complain about the waiting list, who gets accepted and who does not, and the neglect.

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