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* Not ascending the police by quality and life skills / socioeconomic class as at least they are found inside of capitalism causes:


PSYCHic harm (as human bodies are connected to each other and capitalism keeps people divided so there is less PSYCHic Harm) 

PSYCHological trauma, depression, etc...

- police malpractice



 * Train the police be more ascended in: 


Social & Human Services

-be more ascended in life assisting people in both legal and non-legal matters, and not just work in enforcing and monitoring crimes committed by people, especially since they are the only government that people see walking and driving around around the city in uniforms.

Local Government

- know about all departments of the government that exist in their city and how to help citizens call and get to those places.

Crime Spotting

- notice crime better instead of waiting for someone to report a crime only.


Homeless & Neglect

-  understand that most homeless are neglected people with insufficient government services to help them.

Business & Government Crimes

- understand business crimes against people and to respond to such complaints by giving phone numbers and rides to the appropriate place for people to get assisted, since they are are only government existing.

Male-Female Separation

- understand and respect male-female separation and to give male-female to people being arrested if they request it.

* Stop the police from treating people like PSYCHiatric patients illogically: 

- if they talk or complain about:

- PSYCHic attacks, PSYCHic abilities, or other PSYCHic or paranormal activity (or display it or act like it is happening)

- if they talk or complain about PSYCHotronic harassment and torture

- covert military, police, spy, etc... operations 

- if they are going through homelessness & neglect​

* Investigate & Stop Police from PSYCHotronically Harassing People

because many citizens are complaining about it


* Make Sure the Police Have High Enough Ascended Life Skills to be Police:

- Assessment need to be made about people who apply to be police to determine what their natural careers are. There are too many police who don't have the life skills to naturally work as police or even with people and too many police who make mistakes because they don't naturally work in the occupation. 

- Police need to be trained better so they are naturally police. They rarely display that they are naturally police instead of some other occupation.

* Make Sure the Police Match the Life Skills of their Area:

- match the life skills of and don't have lower life skills than the area's for-profit workers and clients where they work (nutrition, fitness, education, communication, life assistance of others, etc...)

- are not all black in areas where the workers and clients of the for-profit businesses are not all black, because when this happens, the police have lower life skills than the for-profit business workers and clients.

- have university degrees, especially when they work in a highly educated community where for-profit servants have university degrees. There are too many police officers without university degrees.

* Increase Fitness Life Skills of Police


- Increase the fitness requirements of the police and enforce that their fitness level is at least as high as the general population of the area they are in.  

* New Divisions of the Police Needed


Business Division


* Create a business crime division of the regular police.


Government Division


* Create a government crime division of the regular police.

* Put Security Cameras Outdoor


- place security cameras outdoors on all government properties, including sidewalks and parks, in order to monitor outdoor crime



Police with more Ascended & Matching Life Skills to the Area

* Promote the creation of cities with police having more ascended life skills and having the appropriate life skill levels for the area they are in and comparable to the workers in the businesses in that area of the city.

* Promote the creation of cities and areas of cities with police always within view on government properties.



Security Guard Businesses​

* Promote the creation of more fore profit security guard companies with more ascended in quality workers.



Complain about Police Life Skills Being Low

* Encourage people to complain about the life skills of the police hired by the government as being too low and to sue them for making mistakes based on their lower life skills.

Hire Private Security Guards & Companies

* Encourage people to hire security guards & companies


- for protection

- providing witness testimony




- having private security guards is more ascended, or a higher life skill 

- the current police are not adequate for protection or gathering evidence and assessment

Use Security Cameras

* Encourage people to use security cameras


- for monitoring

- providing witness testimony



- using security cameras is more ascended, a higher life skill

- the current police are not adequate for monitoring and gathering evidence

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