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Grade School Education


* Not ascending the grade school education system by quality and life skills / socioeconomic class causes:

PSYCHological trauma, depression, etc...

- lack of ascension in society for students

- students not understanding the hierarchy of class in society, but only the lowest class

- the wrong students ascending in society and succeeding in life

- students having the wrong jobs/careers in adulthood

- the wrong life skills of the entire society / an un-ascended society / an austiger autistic society

- too many people in society ending up in PSYCHiatry, in prisons, or dead

- more...


Public Grade Schools: 

Job Related-Issues

* Grade schools need to stop forcing class types and class material level that is not required for working in the jobs which require a high school degree (or for life survival outside of work). Any class or class material level which is not needed to work in jobs which require a high school degree (or for life survival outside of work) is fully unnecessary.

Ascension in Curriculum Needed


* Remove literature from school curriculum that is:

- from another time period

- written in a form of English that is no longer written or spoken by anyone in the world

- from different areas of the world than the students live in

- about criminal activity like murder, rape, etc...

- about immoral/bad/sinful behavior like suicide, adultery/infidelity, murder, etc... 

- remove stories about prison or jail

- about gods / myths like about Greek god mythology in non-Greek schools. (it is an issue of no separation from religion.)

- paranormal experiences that PSYCHiatry believes is PSYCHosis

- about behavior that causes people to end up in prison, PSYCHiatry, or dead

- about inferior topics of animals, plants, farming, fishing, etc...

- with characters working manual laborer jobs

- for non-ascended people of too low in life skills

- not related to students' actual lives or their future lives

- will not help them learn about how to ascend in life

- more...

Current school curriculum literature is too extremely un-ascended material compared to what is found in bookstores and libraries.

* Change the literature to:

- more current literature

- literature from students' own country and not literature from Greek, Roman, or other European countries

- literature with plots and characters related to their most natural careers 

- be about positive, moral, non-criminal instead of negative, immoral, criminal behaviors, events, and outcomes

- don't have behaviors of characters that get people arrested into prison or put into PSYCHiatry

- stories about people who succeed in life, that will teach them how to succeed

- stories about student's actual lives or hopeful future lives

- not related to religion

Fitness / P.E.:

* Change the fitness curriculum in schools to be

- every day

- more ascended and practical, like parkour and defense (instead of ball sports or yoga)




* Decrease the level of math being taught. Such advanced levels of this subject are not being used by adults in society.




* Decrease the level of science being taught. Such advanced levels of this subject are not being used by adults in society.

English (Non-literature):

* Decrease the level of English vocabulary being taught. Such advanced levels of this subject are not being used by adults in society.


Foreign Languages:


*  Stop the requirement for foreign languages in middle and high school.

Ascension in Extracurriculars Needed


Plays & Musicals:


- stop romance plays and musicals, especially ones about suicide

- stop plays and musicals about crimes and immoral behavior like murder, suicide, etc...



- stop ball sports

- start parkour and martial arts

After-school Dances:


- stop school dances that are based on romance and involves going on a romantic date to it, romance music, and romance dancing


New Classes Needed



* Incorporation mandatory conversation classes into every grade level. Students are graduating high school without the ability to properly talk. Their curriculum is almost entirely reading and writing only.




* Incorporate mandatory classes in management, business administration, business entrepreneurship, political science, government, because they will help people to better ascend in society better.


Politics & Government


* Incorporate mandatory classes in political science and government. Include elections, elected offices, different political parties, all the different current departments of the government, different ways to reform the government, different ways to complain about the government, the United Nations, ...

Free Government & Non-for-Profit Services


* Incorporate mandatory classes about free government services like from the department of human services, department of housing and urban development, department of unemployment, department of disabilities, social security agency, etc... and free non-for-profits like soup kitchens, homeless shelters, unemployment centers, libraries, free health clinics, etc...


Life Assistance to Others


* Incorporate mandatory classes on how to life assist other people in all aspects of life that exist.




* Incorporate mandatory classes about PSYCHiatric diseases and forced and non-forced PSYCHiatric healthcare services.


News / Current Affairs

* Incorporate mandatory classes about the news.



* Incorporate mandatory classes about employment: all the fields of employment that exist, socioeconomic class, applying for jobs/careers, advancing in employment, determining one's natural employment, ...


PSYCHic Realm


* Incorporate mandatory classes about the PSYCHic realm.

Life-Related Issues

* Make the classes related to real life and job experiences.

Natural Employment Issues


Divide Students by their Natural Employment Fields


* Have schools divide students by their natural future employment fields


Natural Employment Assessment


* Incorporate mandatory natural employment assessment of every student into every semester.

Age to Drop Out of School


* Lower the age that students are allowed to drop out / stop going to mandatory grade school to at least the legal age to work (15) because the school does not ascend students sufficiently, especially high school.

Fashion Issues

* Change the dress codes of the schools such that the codes for the females and males are the same and the females are not allowed to wear less clothing than males (students and teachers).

Sexual Procreation Issues


* Teach students all the different life skill classes of sexual procreation.


Male-Female Separation

* Provide male-female separation for students who want it.

Friendship Matching

* Match students with questionnaires to their most natural friends.


- Match them by: favorite subjects, natural employment fields, hobbies, after school activities, arts & entertainment, conversation topics, fashion choices, fitness level, dating preferences/morality, political parties, more...



Security Cameras


* Add security cameras to the hallways, the classrooms, the lunchroom, the bathrooms outside of the stalls, everywhere...


Security Guards


* Add actual security guards to hallways


Teach Adult Laws


* Teach students about actual laws that adults follow and teach them what gets them arrested into jail or prison and what gets people law suited.

Monitor Bullying


* Better monitor, prevent, and punish physical and verbal bullying.

Division of Students by their...

* Natural Employment


- ...


* Political Parties


- ...



* Promote the creation of charter cities where: 


- the education is more practical and useful for ascension in society compared to the current government's curriculum



For-Profit Grade Schools: 

* Promote the creation of for-profit grade schools that: 

- are more strict in morals while not religious

- have uniforms or dress codes for males and females that are equal (teachers and students)

- have male female separation

- are more career related or focused

- no general education requirements that are not fully related to their major or intended future career

- have students of all the same political party or divide students by their political party

- give out natural employment assessment forms to students ever semester to make sure that students are specializing in or taking classes in the right career field (especially high school)

- specialize children into career fields at a younger age

- more...



Demand Reform in the Education System


* Encourage people to rebel against, complain, and demand reform for the current education system having classes not necessary for future employment or life. Complain and demand reform based on this political party's ideology.


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