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* Types of Recreation Include: 










Ascend the Quality of Recreation Provided 

In All Places Outside of Capitalism


which are either forced or required due to low or no-income situations


These places include:


- psychiatric wards

- prisons

- jails

- homeless centers

-and social service centers

- etc...

- Currently, the recreation provided (in every field of recreation) is:


- for the lowest life skilled people only

- not for the middle or upper life skilled people at all.


It is fully inhumane, the life skill level of the recreation provided/forced. Examples of current recreation provided include word searches, sudoku, coloring of plants & animals, card games like UNO and the like, basketball, etc...

Replace Recreation/Fitness Centers with Needed Services

* Replace the government recreation centers with life assistance centers, like:


- human services

-  department of unemployment

- social security

- housing & urban development

-  etc...

There are so many more recreation centers available in some cities than life assistance centers. Really, these free recreation centers are a waste of government money. 

Ascend the Recreation/Fitness Centers


If the government recreation/fitness centers are not removed, then change them in the following ways:

Parkour & Defense

- provide parkour and defense instead of ball sports and weightlifting


Ascend Staff Quality

- ascend the quality of the staff, because, in many cities, the staff are lower in class / life skills that the staff in the area's surrounding for-profit businesses



More Ascended For-Profit Recreation Businesses


* Promote the creation of more for-profit recreation centers and stores with ascended recreational activities and products.


Other For-Profit Recreational Activities Businesses

* Promote the creation of more for-profit recreational businesses which specialize in different fields of recreation than currently exist:

-communications/conversation halls

- arts & entertainment

- computer labs for entertainment purposes only

- more...

In many areas, people must sit inside of restaurants or in parks for recreation alone or with others. 


Place More Ascended Products found Online in Stores

* Promote the placement of the many ascended (middle and upper class) recreational activities and products found online for purchase into the local stores for purchase. Currently, many of the local stores do not sell them, and the ascended (the middle and upper class) people in recreation are buying them online.

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