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​Recreation/Fitness Centers


* Change the government fitness centers in the following ways:


More Ascended Staff in Fitness Needed


- hire more ascended staff in fitness. In many government fitness centers, the staff are unfit and worse in fitness than the clients inside the gym and the staff and unfit and worse in fitness than the clients in the for-profits businesses in the area.


More Ascended Staff in Life Skills Needed


- higher more ascended staff in life skills. In most government fitness centers (as in other government centers), the staff are usually un-ascended in life skills in general than the staff and clients in the for-profit businesses in the surrounding area.

Ascend the Type of Fitness

- ascend the type and quality of the fitness to be practical and useful, like parkour and martial arts (instead of ball sports, weights and sex dance.)


Replace Fitness Centers with Stipend & Assistance Offices


* The government fitness centers need to be changed from fitness centers into stipend and assistance offices like human service, social services, housing & urban development, unemployment, etc...  There are too many fitness centers and not enough stipend and assistance centers. Free fitness is not a necessity, especially un-ascended fitness.



Cities with Fitness Laws


* Promote the creation of new cities and areas of cities with fitness laws, where everyone is required to exercise a certain amount and where everyone is required to meet minimum fitness requirements, including parkour and martial arts ability.



Parkour & Martial Arts Businesses


* Promote the creation of more for-profit parkour and martial arts fitness centers. 

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