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* Control Better Who is Hired into the Government

Ascend the Quality of Government Workers


* Ascend the quality of who the government hires into all positions that work directly with the public. Currently, the government is hiring mostly people too low in life skills compared to who is hired in and the clients of the for-profit businesses in the surrounding areas.


Stop Reverse Racial Discrimination


* Stop the government from reverse racially discriminating in hiring of its employees, especially in the areas where the employees of the for-profit businesses and their clients are not of only that one race.


Control Who Campaigns in Elections

* Change elections rules so that people trying to get elected must have the same employment background as the position they are trying to get elected to do and their campaign agenda, either in the for-profit, non-for-profit businesses, or the government.


* Monitor & Stop Reverse Racial Discrimination Everywhere

* Make the government monitor and stop reverse racial discrimination (especially of hiring of all African Americans):


- in its own departments

- in the for-profit businesses

- in non-for-profit businesses


in area where people are not of all that race. It in some cities it is very severe. When this happens, the workers are not matching the socioeconomic class of the workers and clients in the for-profit businesses. (Exception: when services and products are tied to the area of the world where everyone is of that one race.)

* Employment Issues in Grade School Education: 

Educate on Classes of Employment


* Have the government explain to children in government grade schools the classes of employment in society and which people are ascended in society based on employment. 


Employment-Based Education


* Make government grade school education more future employment based. Don't allow the government to force education on children that will never be used in their future employment. 


* Legalize Child Labor: 


Allow Children to Work at a Younger Age


* Change the laws so that children can work at a younger age. Children are wasting too much time in recreation and in government grade school that is not productive towards their future.

* Stop Wrong Political Jargon about Employment: 

* Stop the politicians (especially the Democrats) from calling the manual laborers the middle class when they are the lower class. It is confusing too many people.


New Cities with Better Employment Control:​


* Promote the creation of cities and areas of cities where employment is better controlled, equal to the ideology of this political party.




Creation of New Businesses​


* Promote the creation of new businesses with: 


Same Day Paychecks​


- same day paychecks, instead of weekly or biweekly


Creation of New Law Firms​


* Promote the creation of law firms that sue for:

- reverse racial discrimination

- employees being un-ascended, of lower life skills, than the majority of the clients


Creation of Hourly Workspaces


* Promote the creation of more workspace businesses where people pay by the hour or by monthly membership to independently work.


* Encourage people to: 

- ...



* ...

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