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Colleges & Universities


* Not ascending the quality the college & universities by life skills / socioeconomic class and instead having everything of the lowest life skill / socioeconomic class (which it currently is) causes:

- lack of ascension in society for students

- students not understanding the hierarchy of class in society, but only the lowest class

- the wrong students ascending in society and succeeding in life properly

- students having the wrong jobs/careers for their natural aptitude

- students not trained for actual work

- the wrong life skills of the entire society / an un-ascended society / an austiger autistic society

- too many people in society ending up in PSYCHiatry, in prisons, or dead

- more...



Reform the Colleges & Universities


* Attempt to get the government to reform the colleges & universities according to this political party's ideology as seen in the section titled 'Businesses' below.


Create Free College & University Programs


* Creating free college and university programs is not such a bad thing. Some European countries have them.




New Cities:

* Promote the creation of charter cities where: 

- colleges & universities follow Ascension Political Party's ideology, being more practical / useful for ascension in society and speedier compared to the current colleges & universities (See 'Businesses' section below for this political party's ideology on colleges & universities)


Stop Liberal Arts & General Education

* Stop the liberal arts and general education requirements. They are wasting students time and money and most of it was taught in high schools.


- no general education requirements that are not fully related to their major or intended future career


Stop or Fix Literature Requirements

* Stop the literature requirements or change the literature material. The literature currently required for all degrees is extremely too low in life skills, not related to the students' majors, and worse than anything people can find to read in bookstores or libraries in modern times. If literature courses are kept, the books should be related to their major only and be, preferably, best sellers.


Stop Unnecessary Math Requirements


- ...

Stop Courses Not Used in Work

* Stop forcing curriculum on students in associates and bachelor's degree programs that is not going to be used in the actual careers that require their associates and bachelor's degree.


Bachelor's Degrees Need to Be Specialized


* Need to specialize on actual majors early on in the bachelor's instead of wasting time and forcing students to get master's degrees that finally specialize. There are countries that have specialized bachelor's degrees and no masters or doctorate degrees. Even doctors in these countries only have a bachelor's degree.

Courses Need to be More Practice & Career Focused


* Make the courses more practical, based on future career tasks, and less book only oriented.

- less book work and more hands-on experience

Better Entrance Exams

- entrance exams related to their intended major only and not based on unneeded math or unneeded English vocabulary that will never be used

- entrance exams that determine students' natural careers

No Foreign Language Requirements


- ...

No Repeat of High School Courses


- ...

Natural Employment Assessments Requirements


- give natural employment assessment forms to make sure that students study and graduate with the correct major 

Divide Students by Political Party


- have students of all the same political party or divide students by their political party


Male-Female Separation


- ...

Equal Uniforms for Males & Females


- ...have equal uniform or dress code requirements for all males and females, students and staff

Stricter, Higher Life Skilled Rules


- are stricter in morals while not religious

Remove European Influence


* Remove Greek, Roman, and other European influence from the curriculum of non-Greek, non-Roman, and non-European countries.

Certificate Programs: 

* Promote the creation of more in-person schools that offer short term certificate programs in every career field.


* Encourage people to: 


Not Go to Traditional Colleges & Universities

- not go to the traditional colleges and universities because so much of their curriculum is not necessary for future employment or life.


Demand Reform of Current College & Universities

- rebel against and demand reform for the current education system having classes not necessary for future employment or life.

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