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Tax based on Healthiness of the Food & Drinks

* Tax unhealthy / lower life skilled food and drinks more than healthy / higher life skilled food and drinks: both businesses and people.


 Ascend ​Food Stamp Program


Immediate, Same-Day Access

* Change the food stamp program so that food stamps become available immediately after application (same day service).

Provide Food to People Waiting

* Change food stamp offices so that food is provided at the food stamp application centers while people wait for their food stamps.

Have a Food Pantry Also

* Change the food stamp program so that there is also a food pantry there and not just a monetary stipend (especially for people who were arrested for illegal drugs don't qualify for a monetary food stipend) 


Healthy / High Life Skilled Food Grocery Stores

* Promote the creation of grocery stores that sell only healthy / high life skilled food and drinks.



Knowledge About Nutrition & Socioeconomic Class


* Spread awareness that the food and drinks consumed determines their socioeconomic class. 

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