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* Governments should have better, higher quality public defendants

* Governments need to fix the problem of bad prosecutors automatically against the defendant no matter what



Law Offices Need Ascended Outside of Building Advertising


* More lawyers offices needed, and lawyers' offices need to be advertised:


- at the street level, outside their building, what they are and exactly what kind of law they practice.


It is too rare to see a law office in business areas because they are not advertised properly. Plus, their businesses' names are too often just the owners' last names.


Law Offices Helping with Ascension Political Party Priorities


* More law offices are needed with lawyers who will lawsuit based on Ascension Political Party's Ideology.

Law Schools' Curriculum Needs Ascension


Stop the Teaching of Out-Dated & Out-of-State Laws


* Law school does not teach the actual law but how to find the current law and argue it. They actually have students read law from the past and from states not their own that are no longer in place instead of real current law for the current state. This needs to change.

Stop the Teaching Method of Socratic Method


* Stop the Greek Socratic method from being taught in law schools



Specialize in Ascension Political Party Ideology 


* Encourage people to become lawyers specializing or helping in Ascension Political Party's ideology.

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