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Increase Taxes for the Guilty: 

* Taxes should be higher for people who and businesses that have been law suited and found guilty.

Increase Civil Lawsuit Statute of Limitations:


* Change the statute of limitation for civil lawsuits to much, much longer, even up to life, for extenuating circumstances such as when the situation caused serious harm to the individual which kept them from being able to sue for a long time (for example: a person develops a severe disease from medical malpractice and goes homeless with no resources for a long time) and other circumstances


Speeding Up the Lawsuits:


* Lawsuits take way too long, and their process needs to be sped up.



Law Firms which Follow Ascension Political Party Ideology

* Promote the creation of law firms that sue places and staff for too non-ascended in quality (especially because it is outside of regular capitalism).


Assistance in Slow Lawsuits

* Promote the creation of businesses that assist with the problem of slow lawsuits, like: 


- lawsuits, with housing combined

- advances in lawsuit rewards

- more...


 Lawsuit Based on Ascension Political Party Ideology


* Encourage people to lawsuit businesses and their workers, especially places:


- forced, such as PSYCHiatric hospitals, or

- required and with no other option because of lack of money such as non-for-profits,


for being too non-ascended.



* Encourage people to complain about:


- slow lawsuits

- too short of statute of limitations (especially for PSYCHiatry & homeless shelters)

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