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​Provide Transportation to its Buildings


* Have the government provide transportation to its buildings all over the city. The government buildings are too spread out across cities with everything needed not in one location. And many of the people requiring government services have zero income or limited income. 


Areas of Cities with No Personal Transportation


* Create areas of cities where no personal transportation is allowed. So much personal transportation on roads is not conservative, unattractive, bad for the environment, and fully in the way. 


Tax More for Non-Conservatism


Higher Taxes Have More Vehicles Seats than Needed


- Attempt to get the government to tax people based on conservatism, where taxes are higher if people buy vehicles with more seats than there are people in their family and if they buy more vehicles than they need for the number of people in their family because doing so is non-conservative.

​Higher Taxes for Living Far from Work


- Attempt to get the government to tax people a higher tax rate if they live further from their work and a lower tax rate if they live closer to their work.  

Higher Taxes for Added Milage on Vehicles


Attempt to get the government to tax people higher for higher added mileage on their vehicles each year in order to pay for the road construction.



Cities with No Personal Transportation


* Promote the creation of new cities and areas of cities where no personal transportation is allowed to enter. 


* Promote the creation of the following new businesses:


One-Seat Transportation Businesses


- scooter & bike businesses 


Better Bus Businesses


Better Naming System


- buses with more logical naming system based on street names and more logical street routes based on their names (especially in gridded cities)


Male-Female Separation


- busses that separate men from women


Ascended, Political Buses


- buses more ascended in quality and more expensive to compete with the cheaper buses already found in cities (politics on the radio, for example)

- More..


Male-Female Separation Availability in Metros


* Promote that the current underground metro systems have at least one metro car for men only and one for women only so that there can male-female separation upon choice.


Buses for Small- & Middle-Sized Towns


* Promote the creation of bus systems in small- and middle-sized towns that don't have them.


Philosophy of "One Person, One Seat"


* Encourage people to follow the philosophy of "one person, one seat." Most vehicles have only one person inside it, but five seats.


Walk More


* Encourage more people to walk.

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