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For now, we only intend to hired people who can work on 'commission,' making a percentage of the money they raise & only up to a certain maximum amount. 

* fundraisers

* event planners (selling tickets)

* combat dance performers

* lawyers to sue for our victims & causes

* life skills teachers 

* creators of art against the problems we are trying to fix (cartoons, poems, novels, photographs,..) for display for donations & for sell in front of the government or at events

* more...


* hand out business cards with website address on it in front of your government

* editors

* protesters

* artistic performers

* bodyguards

* actors & models to show the problems of real-life victims 

* Videographers to record problems needing fixed for political campaigns

* re-entry service workers to walk the streets & enter church basements &  to take people neglected with only products to the appropriate government offices and non-for-profit for them to get cash in order for them to re-enter capitalism where people are divided.

* creators of art against the problems we are trying to fix (cartoon, poems, novels, photographs,...) for display 

Become a Member: 

fees to join

Campaign for Political Office with Us: 

Who we Are Looking for as Political Candidates

* business owners of middle class services (healthcare, law, fitness, education, housing, counseling, security, etc...) or upper class services (business consulting, government consulting).


* people who worked in places with higher life skills than the current government. These people can be entry level. (For example, instructors of parkour or defense are okay if their campaign is to change the government fitness from ball sports.) 

* life skills coaches from the for-profit businesses coaching at the middle or upper level, and not lower, are needed.

* people with proven experience & skills in business development, city development, & government development. 

But anyone with the same philosophy as ours in their political campaign and with the same background in employment as their political campaign goals is welcome. 

Create Businesses with Our Ideals:

We need business developers in all fields who are willing to create new businesses that follow our ideology.

Initiate Lawsuits Based on Our Ideals: 

* We need for victims and lawyers to initiate lawsuits against businesses and the government based on our ideology.


Book Publishers: 

We need victims who were harmed by the same organizations that we are trying to fix to try and publish their stories as novels, and we need book publishers to help them.

Sign Our Petition So We Can Get Recognized:


Help us to raise money to get started and to get us recognized as a political party. There is a requirement to raise at least a certain amount of money in order to be recognized as a political party. 


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