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* Women's Un-ascended, Low-Life Skilled, Sexualized, Immoral Fashion:


- causes PSYCHological distress, shock, trauma, agitation, etc... for many people who do not wear such un-ascended, low-life skilled, sexualized fashion.

- makes the women and the nation look severely austigic autistic. 

* Women's Low-Life Skilled, Sexualized Fashion Includes:


- mini-skirts, dresses, shorts

- shorts shorter than men's

- sleeveless shirts or dresses that show the armpits

- low cut shirts and dresses

- see through clothing

- tight clothing, tighter than men's

- short shirts

- obvious makeup on face with unnatural colors

- hair overly styled, especially long hair worn down styles

- coloring or wearing long artificial fingernails

- wearing the colors of red, purple, or pink

- exposed shaved legs and armpits

- high heeled shoes

- more...


Require all Government Workers to Wear Uniforms


* Change government workers' dress codes in all departments of the government such that they need to wear uniforms similar to the police (pants and practical shoes, no skirts and high heeled shoes) because women's fashion is too improper for government work, and no one knows when someone walking past them is on duty as a government worker or not, unless they are a police officer or the like.  


* Promote the creation of new cities with: 


Stricter Fashion Laws


- better, stricter fashion laws, where women cannot wear smaller, more sexualized clothing than men, but must wear clothing at least of the same life skill level as men. Current women's dress in most countries and cities is lower in life skills than men.


No Lower Life Skilled Women's Clothing Stores


- no female fashion stores which have women's clothes that are with less material and lower in life skills than men. 


All Government Workers Wear Uniforms


- all government workers, in all departments, wear uniforms that are equal for men and women



Higher Life Skilled Women's Clothing Stores


* Promote the creation of women's clothing stores which have clothing which are non-sexual and equal in life skills to men's clothing.



Increase Life Skills of Fashion


* Encourage women to dress with equal life skills as men and not to sexually harass everyone. 


Stop Harassing Muslim Women​


* Discourage the harassment of Muslim women's clothing. It is higher in life skills in fashion than most other women around the world.


​Education People on Problem of Women's Fashion


* Educate people on the problem of women's fashion and why women's fashion needs to improve




​Higher Life Skilled Clothing


* Promote the creation of more women's clothing that are equal in life skills to men. 

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