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Housing in General


Stop Voucher Program


* Stop the housing voucher program (formerly called section 8) which illogically helps people by paying 70% of their rent. The government should instead move them to: 

- lower income neighborhoods

- to smaller housing

-  to shared housing (with roommates or housemates)

- to smaller towns with cheaper rent

- to areas with locals matching their own life skills & socioeconomic class

This program allows recipients to live in areas that are very often ore ascended than / above their life skills and socioeconomic class, and it very often destroys the life skill and socioeconomic class of the areas they place voucher people in, causing PSYCHic harm to the locals to the area (as human bodies are PSYCHically connected to each other, sharing of health and life skills) and also PSYCHological trauma, distress, shock, etc... to the locals of the area. Capitalism divides people by life skills naturally, and this housing voucher program stops the natural life skill divisions which are found in capitalism, allowing people with lower life skills to be in higher life skilled areas unnaturally.



Higher Taxing for Less Conservatism


*  Tax people higher if they buy or rent a home that has more bedrooms than people in their household and if they buy more than one home. This tax is to encourage conservatism.


Roommate Matching Services


* Have government assist with a roommate matching service or to help clients to use roommate matching services found online and elsewhere, so clients can live more cheaply and conservatively.


Change Laws to Allow More Tenants


* Have the government change the housing laws so that apartments and homes can have more tenants than are currently allowed, so people can live more conservatively.


Change Laws to Allow Smaller Housing


* Have the government change the housing laws so that housing is allowed to be smaller than the current laws allow.


For-Profit, Same-Day Rent Government Housing:


* Have the government create cheap for-profit apartments and dormitories that have same day rent.

Camping Properties



* Creation of campgrounds in all size cities/towns, walking distance to downtown


Private Properties for Camping

* Change the laws for there to be some non-recreational land private property in cites/towns in certain areas which are allowed to have tents instead of houses and tenants who camp on their property. This saves people money on housing.




Conservative Sized Housing


* Promote the creation of new cities and city areas with more conservative size housing for all people of all income levels.




Cheap Dormitories


* Promote the creation of cheap for-profit dormitories/hostels in more cities/towns, which are not main tourist cities, for:


- SSDI and SSI recipients

- low-income residents

- students, interns, and volunteers

- unemployed people




* Promote the creation of new housing units in cities with much smaller living space, such as micro-apartments, and for sleeping only so that low-income residents can afford housing. The smaller the living/sleeping space, the cheaper the price.


Daily Rent Apartments


* Promote the creation of apartments that charge rent daily and weekly. 




* Promote the creation of more campgrounds, walking distance to downtown, in more cities/towns.


Tiny Homes


* Promote conservative tiny homes that some people are currently living in.


Roommate Matching Services


* Promote roommate matching services businesses which are online and the creation of in-person roommate matching services business.


Apartments with Roommate Matching Services


* Promote the creation of new apartment complexes with roommate matching services, that rent out apartments by the room or to multiple strangers as a group through a roommate matching service.


* Promote that current apartment complexes provide roommate matching services to their potential residents.



Find Roommates


* Encourage SSDI and SSI recipients and low-income workers, to find roommates so as to afford housing in large cities. 


Live in Conservative Sized Housing


* Encourage people to be conservative with space when buying housing.​

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