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The United Nations declares that forced PSYCHiatry is torture, inhumane, and illegal.




* Not ascending and dividing the PSYCHiatric centers, especially the forced PSYCHiatric wards, by quality and life skills / socioeconomic class as at least they are found inside of capitalism causes:


PSYCHic harm (as human bodies are connected to each other and capitalism keeps people divided so there is less PSYCHic Harm) 

PSYCHological trauma, depression, etc...

- PSYCHiatric malpractice




​Stop Forced PSYCHiatric Arrests, Hospital Confinement, Counseling, & Drugging 


* Stop PSYCHiatric Arrests




No Due Process of Any Kind


People are Lying


- people are lying about others, causing people to receive false arrests, and


No Investigation Occurs


- what actually happened is never properly investigated prior to or after the arrest

- people complaining about and causing PSYCHiatric arrests of others often have lower life skills and more PSYCHological problems than the people getting arrested, which is never assessed


No Open Court


- there is no open court for the public to attend or read about and PSYCHiatric drugging and confinement happens way before the court date


Unascended Facilities


- forced PSYCHiatric facilities are too un-ascended in quality for most people (see below)

* Stop Forced PSYCHiatric Hospital Confinement




Their Life Skills Education / Counseling is Low


 - the life skills education / counseling given, if any counseling is given, is extremely too low in life skills, too un-ascended, and worse than middle- and upper- class people's life skills 

Staff are too Low in Life Skills


- staff are lower in life skills and class than the staff found inside of most places in capitalism (or the for- profit businesses)


Recreational Activities are Low Life Skilled

- the recreational activities and materials provided and forced are the absolute lowest in life skills of activities that exist on earth. It is too inhumane to give these recreational activities and materials to any middle or upper life skilled people in recreation for their quality of life is decreased too significantly and to the point of torture. Plus, the recreation doesn't help in any way with assessment of clients, when it should.

No Life Skill Division of Staff & Clients


- there is no life skill division of staff or clients as there is inside of capitalism

No Medical Tests as Proof


- there are no medical tests to even prove that the patients have a PSYCHiatric disease. They do take brain scans and blood samples, but they do not use the results in their diagnosis.

No Separation from Religion


- there is often no separation from religion, these healthcare services (so many hospitals are religious). Religion is part of the hospital name, is on the walls as decoration, is on the TVs (especially on Sundays), on the staff's shirts, etc... Pastors or nuns walk around and lead groups.


No Male-Female Separation


- there is no separation of males from females (with staff and clients) even when the patient asks for only their own biological sex. A person has a natural right to choose the sex of their healthcare workers.

No Computer or Internet Access


- patients have no access to a computer or internet, decreasing not only their quality of life (when they are not even criminals) but also keeping them from contacting lawyers and organizations for assistance to get released

No Private TV


- patients have to share either one or two TVs with all patients of the PSYCH ward, and don't get a chance to choose what they watch. This is inhumane, as patients stay in hospitals for weeks and months. Plus, staff have no ability to assess patients' lifestyles by what they watch.

No Private Phone


- patients have limited access to one shared phone for all PSYCH ward clients, decreasing not only their quality of life (when they are not even criminals) but also keeping them from contacting lawyers and organizations for assistance to get released


No Questionnaire is Given


- staff does not give patients questionnaires to assess if they have any PSYCHiatric illnesses or life issues. Because of this, staff never find out if the patients even have problems. They usually rely on what others told them about the patients only. 

Not Enough Questions are Asked


And they usually only ask one or so questions, which are not always related to the situation but are related to what others told them about the patient, like, if they were told that the patient is a danger to himself or others they ask "Are you a danger to yourself or others?". If they think you are going through a PSYCHic / ESP-type situation, they ask: "Do you perceive what others don't perceive?" or "Do you hear voices in your head?" And if they think you are going through time travel and military situations: "Who's the president?" "What's the year, month, date?" And if they don't know why you are there, they might ask: Or "Why do you think you are here?" and don't ask follow-up questions.

Don't Use Patients' Answers to Questions in Diagnosis


- staff does not give patients PSYCHiatric drugs or their diagnosis based on the patients' answers to questions, but based on what others said about the patients before they were placed into the hospital. It does not matter what the patient says, they are given PSYCHiatric drugs for and diagnosed with what was said about them, not based on how the patient answers any questions.

Loss of Housing, Employment, & Pets


- the lengthy stay in hospitals causes too many people to miss payments on their housing, causing them to go homeless; lose too many days from work, causing them to be fired and become unemployed; and causes them to miss feeding times for giving food and water to their pets, causing their pets to die of hunger and thirst. This happens to so many naturally housed and employed people.

* Stop Forced PSYCHiatric Counseling Services




Life Skills Education is Too Low


- the life skills education given is extremely low in life skills and worse than middle- and upper- class people's life skills 


No Life Skills Division of Staff & Clients


- there is no life skill division of staff or clients as there is inside of capitalism


Staff Too Low Life Skilled


- staff are lower in life skills and class than the staff found inside of most places in capitalism (or the for- profit businesses)


No Assessment of Clients' Life Skills Compared to Staff's


- there is no assessment of the clients' life skill levels in each aspect of life in comparison to the staff's prior to the forced counseling and often the person receiving the forced counseling does not even need it and sometimes, if not often, the client's life skill level is higher than the staff's  and the client should be counseling the staff

No Medical Test as Proof


- there are no medical tests to even prove that the patients have a PSYCHiatric disease


No Separation from Religion


- there is often no separation from religion, these healthcare services (so many counselors forced by the government are religious)


No Male-Female Separation


- there is no separation of males from females (with staff and clients) even when the patient asks for only their own biological sex. A person has a natural right to choose the sex of their healthcare workers.

* Stop Forced PSYCHiatric Drugging




Harmful Side Effects of Drugs


- the drugs permanently damage people's bodies, giving them severe diseases, making them non-PSYCHic and severely decreasing their social intelligence. And there is no antidote to these poisons.


No Medical Tests as Proof


- there are no medical tests to even prove that the patients have a PSYCHiatric disease

Naturally Illegal


- forced healthcare of any kind, PSYCHiatric or any other type of healthcare, is not acceptable and is naturally illegal. 

Stop Forced PSYCHiatry on People Going Through... 


* PSYCHic / Paranormal Issues




 PSYCHiatry Doesn't Understand PSYCHic / Paranormal Realm


- PSYCHiatry does not understand the PSYCHic realm, how people are PSYCHic, how human bodies are connected PSYCHically and are affected by each other. It believes all PSYCHic phenomenon and experiences are a delusion in people's minds only and calls people mentally diseased and delusional for talking about PSYCHic issues.


Makes People Non-PSYCHic


-PSYCHiatry makes people non-PSYCHic with PSYCHiatric poisons by damaging their organs, nervous system, and more.


50% of Population Believes in PSYCHic / Paranormal Realm


-  around 50% of the population believes in PSYCHic abilities and phenomenon

- around 50% of the population believes in religion and religion involves PSYCHic (and other paranormal) phenomenon


PSYCHic / Paranormal Realm is in Movies & TV Shows


- PSYCHic abilities and phenomenon are a huge part of our culture in movies and on tv shows 


No Proof PSYCHic / Paranormal Realm Doesn't Exist


- PSYCHiatry cannot prove that PSYCHic abilities and PSYCHic and paranormal phenomenon don't exist

* PSYCHotronic Harassment, Torture, and Control




The United Nations is Investigating


- the United Nations is currently investigating this problem and treating it as a real situation


Proof the Government has PSYCHotronics


- there is plenty of proof that that there were programs and technologies created inside the government's military and intelligence organizations to do this

- it has been proven and reported in the news that the military have PSYCHotronic weapons and has used them in the past


Too Many Claim they Experience PSYCHotronics


- too many people complain that they are going through this as real and they are trying for global justice and awareness


It's in Movies & TV Shows


- actual PSYCHotronic torture (and control, manipulation, etc...) of people with advanced technologies is shown in many movies and tv shows


PSYCHotronics Sold Online


- there are PSYCHotronic devices sold online that are very similar to the PSYCHotronic weapons but used for entertainment and educational purposes 

* Covert Military, Intelligence Agency, or Other Operations




These Operations Really Happen


- these operations are really happening and were designed to not be obvious


It's in Movies & TV Shows


- how military & intelligence agencies conduct covert operations and rarely get caught is shown in movies and tv shows

Investigate PSYCHiatry for The Following:


* PSYCHiatric Drugs being PSYCHotronic


* Using PSYCHotronic Machines on Patients in PSYCH Wards


- machines on ceilings in common areas and hallways, on ceilings in bedrooms, inside the bottom of the beds, and elsewhere


* PSYCHiatric Drugs Affecting Other Parts of Body & Not Just Mind


* PSYCHiatry Not Really Being "Mental" Healthcare


PSYCHiatric Drugs Affecting the PSYCHic Realm


* PSYCHiatry Being Healthharm & Not Healthcare Often (Medical Malpractice)


* Problems in PSYCH Wards


- low-life skilled, non-ascended recreation, no due process, no proof of any diseases used, lack of questionnaires, no separation from religion, more...

Ascend the Quality of the PSYCHiatric Facilities


* Make laws that the forced PSYCHiatric facilities must:


Ascend the Recreational Activities


Make for Middle & Upper Life Skilled People Too


-increasing the quality of the recreation provided so that they are for middle and upper life skilled people and not just for the lowest life skilled people


Divide Staff & Clients by Life Skills in Recreation

-dividing the workers and the clients in recreational activities based on their life skills in recreation

Higher in Life Skills Recreation & Related to PSYCHiatry

- find recreational materials higher in life skills and more related to PSYCHiatry (such as to help with assessment)

- give the options for higher in class recreational activities than which are currently offered and which are equal to their own life skill level of recreation (current recreational activities are too inhumanely low in life skills)

Provide Computers & Internet

- provide computers and private internet access for recreation, communications, education, and employment activities instead of isolating them from the world that they were in before and decreasing the quality of their lives

Provide Private TVs

- provide private, individualized t.v. for each patient instead of just one or two tvs for the entire ward to watch in the common area. Providing patients with their own tvs can help in assessing patients' lifestyles.


Common Room Recreation Should Be Related to PSYCHiatry


- t.v. programs, novels, radio, recreational materials, decorations on walls & doors, in the common areas must be psychiatry-related and for the higher in life skilled patients too and not just for the lowest 

Separate Religion from Facility

- separate religion from services

Life Skill / Socioeconomic Class Divide Staff with Clients

- dividing the workers and the clients by life skills, both healthcare related ones and non-healthcare related ones, so no client has a healthcare worker with lower life skills than themselves

- not treat clients like they are pre-school students, subnormal, the low-life skilled, manual laborers only, etc...

Divide the Clients


Male-Female Separation


- create male-female separation of staff and clients


Reasons for Being There


- divide clients by the reason that they are there or by their supposed PSYCHiatric disorder

Forced vs Non-Forced


- divide clients by whether they are forced or non-forced


Life Skills / Socioeconomic Class


- divide the clients by their life skill / socioeconomic class

Increase Communication of Clients with Outside World

- provide a private phone & computer with internet in their own personal spaces  for communication with the outside world

Recognize the PSYCHic Realm as Real

- recognize that human bodies are connected to each other all over their bodies and PSYCHically affected by other people in their own health, in ways that current healthcare does not know

- recognize that people are PSYCHic and can communicate PSYCHically and help or harm other people's bodies PSYCHically


Ascend Decorative Art


- art on walls, doors, and staff, must be not plants and animals, but people oriented, and especially PSYCHiatry


Monitor Side Effects of Drugs

- monitor for the development of neurological side effects from the drugs they give


Stop Forced Drugging


-stop forced pharmaceutical drugging


Stop Misdiagnosing People


- not call the side effects of the drugs they give, symptoms of the disease

-not give dopamine inhibitors to people without high levels of dopamine

- stop misdiagnosing neurological disorders as PSYCHiatric

- stop relying on the testimony of other people outside of the ward for diagnosis, sense there is no proper investigation as to its truth

- give proper, detailed written questionnaires for assessment & not give drugs to people who answer no to the questions asked


Warn Patients about Side Effects of Drugs

- warn patients about the possible side effects of the drugs they are giving

Stop Neglecting Non-PSYCHiatric Diseases

- not neglect patients suffering from non-PSYCHiatric diseases, especially ones who complain


Stop Charging Forced Patients Fees

- stop charging clients hospital fees for forced healthcare



Ascend the PSYCHiatric Court System 


* Make the following changes to the PSYCHiatric court system:


No Drugging Before Court


​- no drugging until after court date instead of before

Make Open to the Public

- open to the public (especially if the patient requests it) so that the public can see the victims harmed and what is truly happening


Demand Proof


- force complainants to provide evidence, especially video proof, of patients behavior or words before the arrest. Currently, zero proof is required by the courts

- force doctors to provide proof of disease with biological test results, patients' answers to questionnaires, and videos of the client in the hospital


Court Outside of the Hospital


- not letting the hospital have the court inside its own hospital


Judge & Lawyer with Own Political Party


- allowing the client to have the judge and lawyer with his or her own political party affiliation


Allow Client to Speak


- allow clients to speak and represent themselves instead of the a lawyer and for the judge to actually fully listen to them, because the current PSYCHiatric lawyers (especially free ones offered through the hospital) are not adequate


- More...

Stop Force PSYCHiatry for No Healthcare Insurance

* Stop PSYCHiatric and regular healthcare arrests of people with no healthcare insurance into PSYCHiatric wards when someone complains about them or when they enter an E.R. instead of a doctor's office for treatment.  ​​

 Stop Switching Voluntary Clients to Involuntary


* Stop hospitals from turning initially voluntary PSYCHiatric patients into involuntary PSYCHiatric patients after they enter. Patients are usually not even warned about this before they enter.

Stop Making Forced Patients Payment the Bills

* Stop forced PSYCHiatric healthcare patients from having to pay for the healthcare bills when they did not choose to receive the services.


* Have the government pay for all forced PSYCHiatry and stop the businesses from charging fees to the forced PSYCHiatric patients.

Make E.R.s & Doctor's Offices Ignore PSYCHiatric Disorders 

* Stop the E.R.s and doctor's offices from talking to patients about and trying to treat patients with PSYCHiatry who complain about injuries, symptoms and illnesses unrelated to PSYCHiatry. Just because the workers suspect a patient of having PSYCHiatric disease, doesn't mean that they can attempt to treat the patient for something that they are not even complaining about. (PSYCHiatry is still a pseudoscience where no proof of the diseases exist and workers in healthcare make too many mistakes relying on their subjective assessments.)

Make Life Skills Assessment of Clients (Compared to Staff) Necessary


* Force the creation of mandatory assessments of client's life skills in comparison to the staff's and the PSYCHiatric institutions life skill level of recreation and therapy before forcing someone into PSYCHiatry. Too often the client is much higher in life skills that the staff and the hospital, and not one is yet recognizing this.

Increase Knowledge of Government about PSYCHic Issues in Healthcare: 

* The governments must learn that:


Some Diseases Come from Humans' PSYCHic Connections to Each Other


- human bodies are PSYCHically connected to each other and affected by each other with every disease, not just some diseases and that the current healthcare education and system needs to be fixed based on their knowledge.​


Some People are PSYCHic


- some people are PSYCHic. And PSYCHiatry and PSYCHiatric education needs to be fixed based on this, so that PSYCHic people don't get falsely labeled with the disease PSYCHosis


Life Skills are Shared PSYCHically


- when you place a person around high life skilled people, that person's body improves in health and life skills and when you put a person around lower life skilled people, that person's body decreases in health and life skills.  Health and Life skills are shared. ​


PSYCHic People PSYCHically Destroy & Improve Others' Health on Purpose


- there are people walking around purposely destroying or stealing other people's health (both PSYCHiatric and non-PSYCHiatric health) and life skill levels and also improving the health and life skill levels of others. ​


People Do Get PSYCHically Possessed


- actual people do possess other people and entities just like 'demons' ' and god' are thought to in religions and ghosts and technology are portrayed to in movies and tv shows.

* Stop Anti-PSYCHotic Drugs & Other Harmful PSYCH Drugs 


Because They:


Are Given to People Experiencing the PSYCHic


- Giving anti-PSYCHotics to people for the following reasons especially must end:


- for being PSYCHic,

- for becoming PSYCHic,

- for being affected by PSYCHic people, or

- for being affected by other people's bodies PSYCHically.​


Cause Neurological Diseases


- They are too dangerous causing too many neurological diseases​


Decrease Life Skills


- They decrease the life skills of the patients (decreasing reading, writing, speaking, focusing, feeling of own and others' emotions, etc...)

Given Without Knowledge of PSYCHic Realm


- They are givenwithout a knowledge of the PSYCHic realm and with the perception that all issues are only inside the individual's mind, called PSYCHosis, which is not the case at all

Are Not Allowed to Cross Some Countries' Borders


- There is something so wrong with these drugs that there are countries that don't allow them to cross their borders.


Make Illegal Anti-PSYCHotics & Other Harmful PSYCH Drugs

* Make illegal the following drugs:


- anti-PSYCHotics, especially when patients don't have elevated dopamine, & especially by force

- the pharmaceutical drugs that cause too horrible and deadly side effects, especially by force​

Create Antidotes to Anti-PSYCHotics & Other Harmful PSYCH Drugs




Misdiagnosis is Too High


- Too many people are being misdiagnosed with diseases they don't have because doctors are not using any biomarkers and physical medical tests as proof, are not asking sufficient questions to the patients and ignoring patients' answers, people are lying about patients to have them locked away without proper due process, etc...

Extreme Negative Side Effects


- The side effects of these drugs are too extreme, and the drugs causing life-long disability and inability to work

Change the Healthcare Education to Include


* Teach in government grade schools, plus in universities and college healthcare and PSYCHology courses, that:


Some People are, Believe in, or Experience the PSYCHic


- some people claim to be PSYCHic and claim to be impacted by the PSYCHic or paranormal realm & at least 50% of the population believes in PSYCHic abilities and phenomenon


PSYCHiatry Claims the PSYCHic to be PSYCHosis


- PSYCHiatry claims that PSYCHic abilities and phenomenon and other paranormal experiences are a delusion existing only in people's minds, called PSYCHosis

PSYCHiatry is Forced on People who Experience the PSYCHic


- PSYCHiatry locks people away into PSYCHiatric wards and forces people on PSYCHiatric drugs for talking about PSYCHic abilities or phenomenon or other paranormal phenomenon or acting as they exist

Fix Government PSYCHiatric Healthcare Stipends System: 


Stop Giving SSDI to People Who...

Look & Act like they Can Work:

* Attempt to create policy to have the government stop giving SSDI checks for PSYCHiatric disorders to people who have the life skills to work and survive in life financially, who look and act like they can be hired, and who look and act like they can work without being fired. Too many people have high enough life skills to work who are on SSDI checks for PSYCHiatric disorders, and it is wasting the government's money.

Are Pretending to Have a PSYCHiatric Disorder


* Stop giving SSDI stipends to people pretending to have PSYCHiatric disorders. Many people pretend to have a PSYCHiatric disorder in order to get a government stipend, knowing that there is no medical test to prove that they either have the disease or not. They do this often because the government will not give them an unemployment stipend, but only a healthcare related stipend. 

Increased Taxes if PSYCHiatric Harm: ​

* Attempt to create policy that:

- businesses, products, and services that harm people's PSYCHiatric (or emotional) health should have a higher tax rate.​



* Promote the creation of new cities and city areas with:


PSYCHic Knowledge

- PSYCHiatry and PSYCHiatric workers understand the PSYCHic realm, how people's bodies are PSYCHically connected to each other and their environments with all healthcare problems not just in some, that people are PSYCHic and can PSYCHically give diseases, and that PSYCHotronic torture is happening and is one cause of diseases too.

Life Skill Divided PSYCHiatry

- inside PSYCHiatric hospitals and doctor's offices the staff and clients are divided by their level of ascension in taking care of their health without medications 

No PSYCHiatric Arrests

- there are no PSYCHiatric arrests into PSYCHiatric hospitals or force PSYCHiatric drugging against people's will because PSYCHiatry is a non-ascended, inhuman, illegitimate, pseudoscience not yet properly developed and misdiagnosing too many people, giving them too many diseases as side effects of drugs.


* Promote the Creation of the Following Types of Businesses:


 Ascended PSYCHiatric Healthcare Businesses that:


Understand the PSYCHic Realm


- understand that people are PSYCHic, that people's bodies are connected and affected by each other with all health problems and not just some


Life Skill Divide Staff & Clients


- health-related life skill divide the staff and clients by their level of ascension in health life (like by nutrition, fitness, etc..)

- life skill divide the staff and clients in all aspects of life, not just healthare life skills


Don't Force PSYCHiatric Drugs on Clients


-  do not force any PSYCHiatric drugs


Ascend the Recreational Activities


- have higher in class recreation which is also life skill divided

- have the option of middle and higher in class recreational activities and materials, and not just lower. Current hospitals only offer lower in class recreational activities and materials (like coloring pages of flowers and animals with crayons and simple word searches with no sentences). Only some of the clients that enter hospitals do lower in class recreational activities, not all. Some clients do middle in class and upper in class recreational activities. 


Give Internet & Private Phone


- give internet and private phone access


Separation from Religion


- don't have religious people or items inside of them

Clients from the Area Only


- have the policy that a client must live(d), work(ed), or go(went) to school in the for-profits in the area. 

Multiple, Smaller Locations in Lower, Middle & Upper Class Areas of the City


- have multiple smaller locations and require that patients live, work, study or got injured in the area of the city that doctor's office is in 

- are placed in areas that are lower, middle and upper in class that have staff matching the class of the for-profit businesses in their area. Currently, there is a problem because of free healthcare due to free medicaid and free non-for-profit healthcare centers. Too many places have the wrong class of staff because their services are free and they don't make sure that clients live (or lived) or work (or worked) in the area.. 

Side Effect of PSYCH Drugs Doctor's Offices

* Promote the creation of doctor's offices that specialize in the treating the side effects of harmful PSYCHiatric drugs/poisons

Law Offices Against PSYCHiatric Harm

* Promote the creation of businesses which lawsuit PSYCHiatric hospitals and PSYCHiatric pharmaceutical companies for physical and PSYCHological harm, and attempt to get people released that don't belong in forced PSYCHiatry.

PSYCHiatric Consulting Businesses

* Promote the creation of new businesses which consult and lawsuit the healthcare departments of the government and the healthcare facilities based on our ideology on PSYCHiatry.


Elections Businesses to Reform PSYCHiatry

* Promote the creation of new elections companies which have our ideology on PSYCHiatry.


Anti-PSYCHiatry Advocacy Businesses​

* Promote the creation of more non-for-profits going against the PSYCHiatric businesses with our ideology on PSYCHiatry.



Help People Harmed by PSYCHiatry

* Attempt to better help the people who are harmed by hospitals, doctor's offices, pharmaceutical drugs and are suffering from PSYCHiatric medical malpractice, especially when staff are services are non-ascended. 

Raise Awareness Against PSYCHiatry

* Raise awareness for how PSYCHiatry is too un-ascended, illegitimate of an authority, made up of too un-ascended of staff, and is harming too many people.



Create Better PSYCHiatric Drugs


* Promote the creation of pharmaceutical drugs


- with less horrible, less long term, and less deadly side effects.

- by people who understand the PSYCHic realm and based on the understanding of how human bodies are PSYCHic and PSYCHically connected to each other and their environment

- labeled for what they do on the PSYCHic realm

Create Antidotes to PSYCHiatric Drugs

* Promote the creation of antidotes to every harmful PSYCHiatric drug (especially to anti-PSYCHotics).

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