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Natural Environment & Landscaping


Add More Natural Environment

* Add more natural environment to cities for health and beauty. The cities have too much processed materials (concrete, brick, metal, etc...) and not enough natural environment. Attempt to do this by:

- Requiring that businesses have more natural environment in front of their businesses just as houses in neighborhoods are required to.

- Removing the concrete streets for automobiles in some areas and place down natural environment as a walkway between buildings for more peaceful living in some areas with no automobiles.


Privatize Free Government Parks

* Privatize many of the free parks, so that either the government or private companies charge money for park entry. If owned by a private company, the government can require that the company keep the park land to a certain standard or loose the property. This includes the many circles or squares of grass in the middle of large cities. The reasons are:

-The government spends too much money on maintaining government park lands and needs to spend money elsewhere, like on human services. There are more government parks than human service offices in cities.


- There are too many homeless people (fully exited from capitalism) in the parks in the middle of cities that are using it day and night because they are free  and it decreases the quality of the parks.


Stop Sport Hunting​

* Make it illegal to hunt animals for sport. It is too wasteful of the environment to hunt for sport instead of for food.


Tax Businesses without Nature

* Tax businesses higher that don't have yards/gardens in and around them. 



Create Cities with  Nature

* Promote the creation of cities and areas of cities with much more natural environment mixed in with the buildings.



Create Private Parks

* Promote the creation of more private parks instead of government ones.

Create Businesses with Landscape

* Promote the creation of businesses with more landscaping in front of and around them like the houses in the suburbs with yards/gardens. 

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