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PSYCHic Issues



* PSYCHic abilities & PSYCHic awareness are life skills, not PSYCHosis. And PSYCHiatric understanding is too low in life skills in this area. PSYCHics, people aware of PSYCHic phenomenon, and people affected by PSYCHic phenomenon need to be protected from PSYCHiatry.

* PSYCHic Abilities & Phenomenon Include the Following:

- ESP / telepathy

- empathy: feeling of other people's emotions and diseases

- remote viewing

- PSYCHic healing

- PSYCHic possessions

- ghosts

- time travel

- multiple dimensions

- teleportation

- invisibility

- shape shifting

- x-ray vision

- PSYCHotronics

- religions

- witchcraft or voodoo

- superhero powers

- seeing the future / telling the future

- telekinesis

- nanobots

- outer space aliens

- UFOs and spaceships

- anything found in science fiction or fantasy entertainment


Protection for PSYCHic Issues

* Request that the United Nations protect PSYCHics, people PSYCHically aware, people experiencing PSYCHic phenomenon, people harmed from the PSYCHic realm, people speaking about thePSYCHic realm, and people speaking about the spiritual beliefs of a religion other than the Christian religion from PSYCHiatry and its definition of PSYCHosis and schizophrenia, because PSYCHiatry in Christian countries believes that all PSYCHic phenomenon outside of the Christian religion is PSYCHosis or schizophrenia. And 50% of the population believe in PSYCHic and paranormal phenomenon.




Stop Harming PSYCHics

* Stop PSYCHiatry (and the government connected to it) from harming PSYCHics and people going through PSYCHic experiences and give PSYCHics the same protection as the religious

Recognize PSYCHic Phenomenon & Issues

* Get the government to recognize that:

-some people are PSYCHic

- some people are aware of the PSYCHic realm

- many people are affected by the PSYCHic realm

- PSYCHiatry is harming people experiencing the PSYCHic realm pretending it is all PSYCHosis

- religion is the PSYCHic realm


Study & Find PSYCHic Proof

* Study how & find proof that some people are PSYCHic


Protection for PSYCHic Issues

* Promote the creation of new cities which don't allow people to be arrested into PSYCHiatry or forced onPSYCHiatric drugs because of PSYCHic phenomenon.



New PSYCHic Issues Businesses

* Promote the creation of businesses that: 


- teach PSYCHic abilities

- assist people harmed by PSYCHiatry for being PSYCHic or for going through a PSYCHic experience

-assist people harmed on the PSYCHic realm by others

- attempt to prove that some people are PSYCHic




Teach PSYCHic Phenomenon

* Teach people and encourage people to learn some of the ways that people are PSYCHic and the PSYCHic phenomenon that occurs.


Complain about Harm for PSYCHic Issues

* Encourage people to complain that they are being harmed by PSYCHiatry for being PSYCHic or experiencing something PSYCHic.


PSYCHic Proof Technology

* Promote the creation of technology that shows how human bodies are PSYCHic and PSYCHically connected to each other and their environment.


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