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PSYCHoactive Illegal Drugs Issues


* Have the government investigate

Undercover Police & Military

- the undercover police and military selling and handing out PSYCHoactive illegal drugs


Nanobot, PSYCHotronic Illegal Drugs

- whether some PSYCHoactive illegal drugs have nanobots in them connected to a computer system that PSYCHotronically monitors, manipulates, and controls people 

Increases in PSYCHic Ability


- whether some PSYCHoactive illegal drugs make people PSYCHic (especially the uppers)

Increases in Intelligence

- whether if some PSYCHoactive illegal drugs, used in the right amount, make people more intelligent socially and better at socializing



Cities Where Legal

* Promote the creation of cities where PSYCHoactive illegal drugs are legal but controlled better.



Immigrate or Seek Asylum

* Encourage people to immigrate or seek political asylum to countries where PSYCHoactive illegal drugs in their country are legal.

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