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The U.N. declares that employment is a human right.



Employment Training Programs


Add Middle- & Upper- Class Training Programs


* Either add middle- and upper- class employment training programs to the department of employment or unemployment website or remove all employment training programs since right now, all employment training programs are for lower in class employment.  Middle- class and upper- class people go unemployed and need employment assistance too. Not everyone needing employment services is a lower in class worker.

Employment Assistance for the Unemployed


Hire Unemployed into Local Government


* Hire unemployed people straight into the local government (with special priority) and into the exact career they are naturally able to do and in the exact areas they blend in naturally based on their socioeconomic class or life skills. And also, give them same day pay instead of weekly or biweekly. 


Immediate Employment Needed

* Have immediate (same day) service in employment assistance. 


Online Businesses Start-up Assistance

* Create government program inside the department of employment or unemployment which helps people to start online businesses with a stipend towards the payment of a website.


Grants & Loans for New Businesses

* Create programs inside the department of employment or unemployment that assists people in getting grants and loans to start a new business. 


Stipend Requirements for the Unemployed: 


Change Qualifications for Unemployment Stipends

* Change the requirements for qualification for an unemployment stipend. Right now, the government only gives stipends to people who did not quit but were laid off for no fault of their own and within the last six months. No one else gets a stipend. 

Street Beggars


Remove Street Beggars Not from the Area

* Walk up to street beggars and ask where they are from, and remove street beggars from areas where they did not live (long-term or short-term in hotels) or work/study before or where they were not a victim of crime (possessions stolen) while shopping in that area to the department of human services, social services, and unemployment services area of the city where they can get assisted. An exception can be made if they match the life skills of the area sufficiently to re-enter housing & work there.


Stop Street Beggars with Full Government Stipends

* Walk up to street beggars and ask if they have a government stipend and stop them from street begging if they have an SSDI or Social Security Stipend (unless it is just SSI), and teach them how to survive on that income inside of capitalism in the right area for their socioeconomic class by being conservative. ​


Offer Free Services to Street Beggars

* Walk up to all street beggars all day and ask why they are street begging offer them all the immediate services that they need if they are completely neglected and unemployed with no government stipend (plus tell them about the non-for-profits that the government gives grants to)

Arrest the Criminal Street Beggars

* Walk up to street beggars and ask them questions, if they are street begging because they cannot work because they are running from the law, then arrest them.  or arrest them if  they are criminals 'on the run,' who can't work. ​

Retirement: ​


Stop Retirement Benefits

* Stop the government retirement benefits given to citizens who are over a certain age and not too disabled to work. We do not believe in retirement and believe that people should work until they are too disabled to work. We believe successful people keep working in old age and don't go on vacation just because of their age.




Cities with No Unemployment


* Promote the creation of cities and areas of cities with:


- no unemployment

- no street beggars

- enough unemployment and business development centers



Free Unemployment Businesses for All Classes​


* Promote that current businesses for the unemployed homeless improve by becoming for all employment classes (upper, middle, and lower) and not just for the lower, like they currently are. Current free employment assistance programs for the homeless are for manual laborers with no university degrees. And too many homeless came from upper and middle class employment with PhD's, Master's degrees, and bachelor's degrees. 


Same Day Paycheck Businesses​


* Promote the creation of new businesses with same day paychecks, instead of weekly or biweekly because it will help the fully unemployed get back employed and with all the required resources (food, housing, etc..) on the same day.


Business Start Up Assistance Businesses


* Promote the creation of new businesses with assistance to start a business, especially for the unemployed, homeless former business owners, and for free. 


Better Natural Employment Assessment


* Promote the creation of new businesses with better natural employment assessment for placement for every career field, not just lower in class employment fields, making sure people go to work in the correct employment fields


Increase the Number of Unemployment Centers


* Promote the creation of more unemployment services in cities, in visible places and in all areas, or business districts, of the city



​Help the Unemployed


* Encourage people to help unemployed people get employed, especially by helping them in a for-profit way.

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