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Stipend Department Issues

Government Stipend Departments include:


- Department of Health & Human Services

- Department of Social Services

- Social Security Administration

- Department of Unemployment

- Department of Housing & Urban Development




* Not ascending and dividing the government stipend centers by quality and life skills / socioeconomic class as at least they are found inside of capitalism causes:


PSYCHic harm (as human bodies are connected to each other and capitalism keeps people divided so there is less PSYCHic Harm) to the clients and the non-clients in the areas surrounding the government stipend offices

PSYCHological trauma, depression, etc...



Do Street Outreach


* Get the government stipend office workers to walk down the sidewalks, walk through the parks, and drive down the streets just as the police do and find victims needing SSI or SSDI checks, food stamps, Medicaid, housing vouchers, etc... and assist them immediately. 

Increase the Number of Government Stipend Offices 


* Increase the number of government stipend offices in cities. There are less government stipend offices than non-for-profit assistance centers. We want there to be at least an equal number of government life assistance service buildings as there are church and non-for-profit life assistance centers. 

Place Government Stipend Offices in Middle & Upper Class Areas

* Place government stipend offices in all life skilled/socioeconomic classes of the city. Middle- and upper- class areas also need human service offices, and right now the government has locations only a few offices, but only in the lower in class areas. The middle and upper class who go unemployed don't have their own government stipend offices in their own area.


Ascend the Quality of the Staff 

* Ascend the quality of the staff so that they at least match the quality of the workers in the for-profit businesses surrounding their office

Obtain More Money from Budgeting

* Obtain more money from budgeting. Money is not needed for many current government services such as free fitness centers. This money could be used towards government stipend offices. 

Create a Separate Homeless Office

* Create a separate program for completely dislocated people needing full re-entry into capitalism. It needs to have a different stipend and to have a much faster application process. Or expedite everyone homeless, without income, to the top of the stipend waiting lists.


Immediate (Same-Day) Services Needed

* Assist people with immediate (same day) service in all assistance programs. The waiting period is too long for assistance in all fields of assistance.


Change Qualifications for Stipends


* Give stipends for re-entry (SSI or a different program) no matter when the last time they worked was or for how much and no matter if they are disabled or not. 

Transportation to Stipend Offices

* Give transportation to people with no income, especially people neglected with no income living outdoors, and bring them to their location. 

Hours of Operation

* Be open 24 hours a day / 7 days a week, just like the police are open. 

Advertisements of Services

 * Advertise their location with signs around the city.

Giving Physical Products

* give physical products and services for free ( food & drinks, clothing, sleeping accommodation, etc.) just like the churches and other non-for-profits in the area give, to the people who are waiting for stipends and others. 


Cameras to Find Neglected

* needs cameras in the city (and possibly satellites over a city) to be used to find victims neglected people needing the life assistance agencies.


Government Call Boxes

- put down call boxes on the sidewalks or alongside the road at least at every metro stop around a large city, or for every mile on a road, where any person can call and ask for assistance in any areas of the government, not just the police.


Remove Religion from Services 

* remove religion from their services

Require Clients to be from the Area

* require that people live in the same area of the city or did live in the same area before (before dislocation) in order to receive services. For this to happen, there needs to be more human service locations in each part of the city. This helps to keep people receiving government services with other people who have their same level of life skills as themselves that they were around inside of capitalism and helps to keep the government center from harming the areas surrounding it that have higher life skilled businesses (staff, products, services, clients, business skills, etc..) 


Stop Assisting Immigrants Before Citizens

* stop assisting immigrants before citizens

Combine All Stipend Offices into One Location

* combine all life assistance centers in single locations, instead of having all life assistance department separated and dispersed across the cities miles apart. The department of Human Services and other life assistance agencies need to combine so that all services are found in one location: Social Security Agency, Department of Unemployment,  Department of Housing, Department of Justice, Department of Small Business Development, Department of Health, Department of Family Planning, etc.... It is too confusing for people to know where to go to get helped and it takes too long.  

Stop Reveres Racial Discrimination

* stop hiring all black people when the population receiving their services is not all black and when the workers and clients in the for-profit businesses surrounding the government building are not all black. There is currently very illogical reverse racial discrimination in employment practices inside life assistance building in many states, including Washington, D.C. 

Uniforms for Workers

* require the staff to wear uniforms or follow a dress codes which is the same for both men and women

Male-Female Separation

* provide male-female separation upon request


Tax People Higher who Received Assistance: 

* Have the government take out more money in taxes (from paychecks or elsewhere) from people that they assisted to help pay for government services and so that the people paying for the services are the same people as receiving them.​

Use Fingerprinting instead of Birth Certificates


* Have the government take fingerprints of people instead of requiring documentation like birth certificates and more which require money and time to obtain. Many people applying for stipends have zero money and are sleeping outside waiting for these documents before they can get assisted.

Create Homeless Shelters inside Stipend Offices


* Have the government create homeless shelters in each government stipend office for the people homeless and waiting for government stipends.


* Promote the creation of new cities and city areas which have: 


No Neglect

- no neglected people requiring government stipends due to no or low income


Immediate Assistance


-no wait period for government stipends

Stipend Offices of Equal Quality to the For-Profits

- government stipend offices that are equal in class to the surrounding area's for-profit businesses and not lower


Teach How to Assist Others


* Teach people how to properly life assist others in every aspect of life, especially in a for-profit way, because this is a life skill.


Teach How Government Stipend Offices Neglect People

* Have the public understand that too many people are neglected without life assistance by the government which doesn't help quick enough or help with enough services (plus it disqualifies too many people that should qualify) and that people are too severely destroyed by the services of the non-for-profits which do help quicker and with more services, but which have no socioeconomic class divisions as in capitalism.

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