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Immigration & Asylum


Help Own Country's Citizens: 


Provide Location for Assistance in Immigration & Asylum


* Provide a location for people still inside their home nation to go to in order to seek asylum. People who want to leave their country ought to be helped from inside their own country without fear of being harmed by their government when they try to seek asylum. This can be a special investigations and assistance department against departments of the government. Countries are helping other countries' citizens, but not their own citizens that some government department is harming.  

Don't Help Other Country's Citizens: 


Stop Helping Foreign Immigrants before Own Citizens

* Don't help and pay for immigrants and asylum seekers from other countries, both:


- paying to come here

- paying them with a stipend after coming here


before you help your own citizens still neglected and harmed, waiting for assistance from programs without don't have enough funding and have a long waiting list. 

Find the Homeless Illegal Immigrants

* Require the government to find the illegal immigrants homeless in cities by entering the non-for-profit assistance centers that don't take I.D.s, especially the ones in church basements, and walking up to the people sleeping outside and asking questions.



​Immigration & Asylum Businesses for Own Citizens


* Promote the creation of more for-profit and non-for-profit immigration & asylum companies which help people while they are still inside their home country and after they leave.


PSYCH-Based Immigration & Asylum Businesses


* Promote the creation of businesses that help people to immigrate or seek asylum from their country because of:


- forced, harmful PSYCHiatry and its poisonous PSYCHiatric drugs in general

- PSYCHiatry's forcing of PSYCHics and people going through PSYCHic experiences onto anti-PSYCHotics

- people not believing that PSYCHiatric diseases come from the PSYCHic realm

- the government and the people not believing in the PSYCHic realm (like not believing in the PSYCHic realm outside of the country's or one of the world's main religions)

- PSYCHiatry & PSYCHology / Therapy being too un-ascended and low in life skills

- PSYCHic harm problems related to their country not having high enough life skilled laws or not separating people by life skills properly in capitalism (like with reverse racial discrimination problems) or outside of capitalism

- austigic autistic, un-ascended, and undeveloped governments not helping properly or harming citizens and residents

- austigic autistic, un-ascended citizens as a whole

- more...



​Information on Where to Immigrate or Seek Asylum


* Provide information to people on which countries are best for people to immigrate or seek asylum to based on their situation.



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