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Expedite Lawsuits

* Expedite lawsuits by hiring more workers (judges, lawyers, etc...) and investigate quicker


Increase & Divide the Courts More:

* More courts are needed in every area of the city and not just in one location for everyone in the city. Not enough courts exist yet.

* Need more courts for all the different law fields. Not enough types of courts exist. Specialized courts exist in only certain law fields.

Judges for Own Political Party:

* Change courts by giving people judges from their own political party (life skills and beliefs are different for each political party).

Recognition of Psychic Realm:

* Require that the courts recognize PSYCHic attacks and PSYCHic issues, at least starting in some way.

* Require the courts to recognize PSYCHotronic harassment & torture. 

Create Due Process in the PSYCHiatric Courts:

* Create due process in PSYCHiatric courts by doing the following:


- open the courts up to the public for viewing.

- require an actual investigation into the claims against the defendant.

- require the court before the drugging.

- allow the defendant to testify. 

- require the court to be outside the hospital and in person and not over the phone and inside the hospital

- more...

Currently there is no due process in the PSYCHiatric courts.

Increase Taxes for the Guilty: 


* Increase taxes for people who were found guilty in court and possibly for the people who simply don't win in court (but not with PSYCHiatric court because there is no proof of any of their diseases and there is no dure process either)



Immediate Justice


* Promote the creation of cities and areas of cities with no long waiting period for lawsuits and people get justice immediately.


Recognition of the PSYCHic Realm


* Promote the creation of cities with courts and legal systems that recognize that the PSYCHic realm exist.



Assistance with Lengthy Court Process​


* Promote the creation of businesses that help people while the court process is so slow, like with:


- lawsuit-related housing

- advances in lawsuits awards

- more...




* Encourage people to complain that the courts:


- being too slow

- have insufficient justice

- no due process (PSYCHiatry)

- don't have their own political party

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