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 Decrease Taxes for Self-Defense Training


Self-Defense Fitness Businesses


* Decrease taxes for fitness businesses that teach self-defense.

People who Know Self-Defense


* Decrease taxes for people who know and practice self-defense.


Provide Free Self-Defense Classes


* The government should provide free self-defense classes to the public. 


Teach Self-Defense in Grade Schools


* Government grade schools should teach self-defense/combat classes to students and not just fitness with ball sports, running, and conditioning.



More Self-Defense Businesses Needed


* Promote the creation of more self-defense-oriented businesses. Too many of the current fitness businesses are un-ascended and impractical, like weightlifting, ball sports, treadmills, yoga classes, etc.....



Learn Self-Defense


* Encourage people to learn self-defense, as so many people don't know of how to defend themselves, and instead have only learned un-ascended, impractical fitness activities like weightlifting, ball sports, running, yoga, dance, etc...

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