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Business Development


* The government needs to control more

Control the Organization of the Businesses in the Cities:


Which Business Types are Present Where

- the blocks so that they have their businesses better organized so as to not have too many of one type of business and not any of another type of business. For example, too many food and clothing stores and no other type of business. (Though we do know that when people work, live and shop in these areas it shows their natural life skill level / employment.)

​Which Quality of Business is Present Where

- the placement of $1 & $2 price of product or service (lower in quality products and services) businesses better. They often ruin the quality of an area if too close to more expensive places. These places with cheaper (or lower life skilled products and services) often ruin the quality of an area if too close to more expensive places (or higher in life skilled products or services). Assume quality of products and services is equal to their prices or stores would go out of business.


Control the Non-for-Profit Businesses & Who Their Clients are: ​


-  the non-for-profit businesses more by ensuring that they have a policy that in order to receive services, clients must have lived, worked, or studied in the same area or lived, worked, or studied in a very similar area before, in terms of business development, life skills workers and clients in the area, and more... Without this policy, higher life skilled (higher in quality) areas are destroyed by the clients coming for free services who lived, worked, etc... in lower life skilled (lower in quality) areas. 

* The government needs to provide:


 Provide Better Small Business Development Services


- better small business development services. The owner of this political party entered the department of small business development in Washington, D.C. for assistance, and they actually sent her to a non-for-profit instead of assisting her.


Provide Computer Lab for Small Business Development


- a computer lab for people who are trying to create a small business which is direly needed by their community. 


Provide Small Stipend for Website Creation


- a small stipend by the government for people trying to publish an important business website while unemployed, especially if it is a business needed in their community for community improvement. 

* With international trade, we only believe in:


Higher Life Skilled Products


- importing products and services that are higher in life skills.

Taxing Based on Life Skills of Products


- taxing international products and services more if they are lower/more un-ascended in life skills and less if they are higher/more ascended in life skills.


New Cities


* New cities are needed that control business development more to:

- allow mostly only ascended (top quality) businesses

- encourage the creation of more ascended businesses

- control which clients use their non-for-profit businesses



​New Businesses


* New businesses, in all fields of business, need to be created that: 

- are politically-oriented and in political areas. (This is for all types of businesses: food & drinks, fitness, arts & entertainment, work spaces, etc...)​

- have male-female separation. Male-female separation is a higher life skill​

-  divide products and people by life skills.

- divide by political party or have different political parties.


- have separation of religion from products and services (in certain fields, this is really needed like in life assistance and in healthcare)​

- are non-for-profit and equal in in life skill level to the clients, staff, products and services inside of businesses in the area.

- consult companies about or lawsuit companies based on our ideology and goals. ​

- consult companies about higher business skills, equal in quality to our own political party

- develop higher life skilled businesses based on our ideology


​Problems with Current Non-for-Profits


* We are against current non-for-profits because of their

- lack of class/life skill divisions as found within capitalism,

- inefficiency

- life skill levels being too low / un-ascended compared to the middle and upper class businesses

- ruining of the quality of the area they are placed when the clients and staff don't match the class of the clients and staff in the surrounding area due to their free products and services. 


Grants to Non-for-Profits Problem


* We do not believe that non-for-profits should be partially funded by the government with grants. We believe that they are government-like organizations that are in direct competition with the government and doing the governments job instead of the government.


Competing with Current Non-for-Profits


* We believe that the current non-for-profits need to be competed with by new and better non-for-profits and for-profits which follow our principles.


New Businesses Creation


* We want the creation of the following types of businesses which have our ideology: 

- government & business consulting companies

- elections companies

- companies that lawsuit businesses

- non-for-profit organizations to raise awareness



Create New Ascended Businesses


* People are needed who can create ascended for-profit and non-for-profit businesses.

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