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Names, Logos & Slogans


Names & Logos: 


Stop the Unrelated Names & Logos


* Attempt to have the government stop having unrelated names and logos for government buildings, programs, departments, etc..., such as:

- colors

- shapes

- animals

- plants

- body parts

- weather

- people's names

- weapons

- objects from the sky or outer space

- etc... 

And to start having names and logos for the government buildings, programs, and departments which are:


- related to what is actually taking place inside the government buildings, departments, and programs.


Put Names on Outside of Government Buildings


* Require that all government buildings have:


- their name(s) displayed on their outside walls of the department(s), program(s), etc... housed inside them,

- words explaining exactly what is happening inside the departments, programs, etc...

Change the U.S.A.'s National Slogans: 


Change from Religious Slogans


* Change the Slogan for the USA from:


- 'In God We Trust'

- 'One Nation Under God'


There is no separation of religion and government in the government slogan, and it is not a good description of what is happening inside the government or the nation. This was not the slogan of the government when it was formed but became it later from one of the US presidents. ​


Change the Slogans to Ones Related to the Government


* Make sure that slogans used by the government represent what is actually happening inside the government.




Businesses with Related Names, Logos & Slogans


* Promote the creation of businesses with names, logos and slogans related to what they actually sell so that they are not as confusing to shoppers.

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