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Arts & Entertainment



* Arts & Entertainment Includes the Following: 


- songs and music

- paintings

- murals on walls

- sculptures and figurines

- pictures / photos

- novels

- movies and tv shows

- magazines

- stage performers

- cartoons

- stickers

- posters

- t-shirt images

- fabric art

- any interior or exterior design

- logos for products, businesses, and governments

- more...




​Stop the Romance Music 


* Stop the government from playing romance music and other music unrelated to government or whatever that government department assists with in government buildings, at government events, on government news channels, etc... 

Stop the Interior & Exterior Design which is Un-Ascended, Low-Life Skilled, & Austiger Autistic


* Remove all paintings, sculptures, and other artistic interior & exterior design inside and outside of the government property that is not government related to what is happening inside the building. Currently the government buildings have the following types of unrelated art: animals, naked people (especially women), angels, farmers, dancers, musicians, etc... 



New General Businesses with Better Arts & Entertainment


* Promote the creation of new (and the reform of current) businesses that:

- don't play romance music, but instead music related to their products or services or without words (if they must play music)

- don't have this and other art, like interior & exterior design, not matching their products & services.

New Ascended Arts & Entertainment Businesses


* Promote the creation of the following new arts & entertainment businesses: 

- political movie theaters, play theatres & concert halls

- political art stores (like home & office decor stores)

- libraries with only political and business reading & listening materials & only political activities

-book, movie, music, videogame, etc... stores with only political and business related art

- computer labs for people to do only arts and entertainment related activities: watch movies, watch music videos, play video games

- smaller movie theaters around the city with smaller rooms

- singing / karaoke rooms

- entertainment companies specializing in political problems like malpractice in PSYCHiatric & PSYCHological services & malpractice in other departments of the government

- entertainment companies specializing in the PSYCHic Realm



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