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I.D.s & Documents



Create Department of I.D.s & Documents


* Create a Department of I.D.s & Documents instead of people going to the Department of Motor Vehicles (a department of transportation) where drivers licenses are given and, also, non-driving I.D.s


Change Requirements to Get New I.D.


* Change the requirement to get a new I.D. such that there is no requirement to have a:


- birth certificate and

- social security card

- or whatever two forms of identification


in order to get it.


Instead, it should be sufficient to just need:


- fingerprints

- a photograph

- a signature


But if the birth certificate and social security card remain necessary, then allow for people to:


- apply for these documents at the same department they are getting their I.D.

- get it a same day service process


Same Day Service Birth Certificate & Social Security Cared


* Make the process of getting a birth certificate and social security card a same day service process, no matter what city the applicant is in. They currently take weeks or months.


Political Party & Employment on I.D.s


* Place people's political party affiliation and employment on their government issued I.D.s



I.D.s Required to Buy Everything


* Promote the creation of cities or areas of cities where I.D.s are taken everywhere by law, even to buy food & drinks and clothing.




​Shelters for People Who Lost their I.D.s


* Promote the creation of non-for-profit homeless shelters for people specifically who lost their I.D.s and documents or whose I.D.s and documents were stolen. These people cannot reenter capitalism or get any government assistance until they get new I.D.s and documents, and it is a very long process. Too many people are neglected too long without identification cards by the government. They even have to sleep outside because they cannot get hotels, long distance transportation, employment, etc... while waiting for a card. ​

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