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Government Development


Size of the Government


* The government needs to be large enough to help all residents immediately who seek assistance and not have such long waiting lists and not neglect people. Large governments are ascended governments.

Location of the Government


* The government needs to be all over the city, not just in a few places. It especially needs to be in every major shopping area. Really, when you stand in one spot in a large city or in a busy part of the city, and you turn around in a circle, you should see the government (or at least a sign telling you where the government is) somewhere without having to walk and look around. ​

* The government needs to be in all socio-economic classes of the city and not just in the lowest socioeconomic class areas. Locations of the government need to be in the middle and upper socioeconomic class areas for the middle and upper socioeconomic class to use also.

Division of the Government by Political Parties


* We believe that the government should divide its buildings by political parties or at least have the government workers displaying on their uniforms the political party that they work for. We believe that citizens have the right to talk to and receive services from someone in their government with their own political party


Ascend the Quality of the Local Government to Be Equal to the For-Profits




* The government needs to hire more ascended local government workers who match the socioeconomic class of the for-profits in the area, and not who are beneath the socioeconomic class of the workers in the for-profits workers in the area.

* The government needs to stop reverse racially discriminating when hiring in certain cities.


Buildings & Departments


* The quality of the buildings and individual departments need to be ascended to be at least equal to if not better than the for-profit businesses surrounding them. Currently, they are worse than the for-profit businesses surrounding them.

Tax Based on Ascension


* The government needs to tax products, people, businesses, and cities based on their level of ascension in order to pay for government services. 

Governments' Seeking of Advice


* When a government needs advice from non-for-profit business workers helping people or from 'experts' on how to fix itself or how to solve a problem, then the government is not the government that is naturally in authority. The people they are seeking advise from are naturally in higher authority than the government, but not necessarily the most authoritative that exists. Especially, the government needs to not seek advice from people with religious professions or from religious organizations.

Who Should Campaign in Elections


* Laws need to be put into place that people seeking to be elected, must have a background equivalent to the elected position they are trying to win. They could have worked in the non-for-profit or for-profit businesses doing a similar task. Non-qualified people need to not blocked from elections. They also must have the same experience in the non-for-profit or for-profit business world as their political agenda in elections. They have to prove that what they were doing works. It is best if they were already advisers and reformers of the government. ​

Changes in Voting Power Laws

 * Life-skill / socioeconomic class / ascension in society-based voting power. (For example, a life-long janitor should not get equal voting power, but less voting power, than a person who owns 10 middle class businesses, including an employment agency, a doctor's office, a hotel, a law office, and a supermarket.)

Against Current Democracy


* Stop the Greek influence in politics in non-Greek countries. Everybody is not equal and have a different level of ascension in society, and everybody should not have an equal vote. 

* Plus, a fully ascended government does not need elections. Elections are intended for government reform.



Fully Developed Governments


* Promote the creation of cities with governments already fully developed and without need for democratic elections. 



​Government Reform Companies


* Promote the creation of:


-government consulting

- elections


- protest assistance

companies which follow our political party's ideology.



​Create Government Reform Companies


* Encourage people against their current governments to create government consulting and elections companies, to protest, and complain that the government needs to ascend and to follow more of our political parties ideology.

Protest & Complain


* Encourage people to protest and complain that the government needs to ascend and to follow more of our political parties ideology.


* Encourage people to get elected who believe in our political party's ideology.

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