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Sexual Procreation


Tax Based on Ascension in Sexual Procreation

* Have the government tax: 

Tax More Democrats for their Non-Pro-Life Beliefs 

- Democrats (and people of political parties that are pro 'family planning/abortion' services) only for the purpose of funding 'family planning/abortion' centers. (Separate the taxing based on political party's sexual procreation policies.)


Tax More Non-Ascended Businesses, People, & Products

- businesses and people with unhealthy sexual procreation practices more than others.


- products which promote, are used for, or are related to unhealthy sexual procreation practices more than others.

Educate the Ascended, or Real Purpose of Sex

* Have the government educate in schools and in counseling programs that the real purpose of sex is for procreation (the creation of children). 

Make Public Flirting Illegal

* Attempt to have the government make it illegal to flirt or sex romantic relationships in public places not made for the purpose of sexual relationships and have them only use the places designed for such purposes, so as to minimize sexual harassment.


Cities with Ascended Sex Laws & Practices 

* Promote the creation of cities and areas of cities with stricter, higher life skilled, or ascended sexual procreation laws. 


Businesses with Ascended Sexual Procreation Rules

* Promote the creation of businesses and communities (like suburbs) with stricter, ascended sexual procreation rules & practices.

Businesses for Ascended Sexual Procreation

* Promote the creation of more in-person businesses which provide people a place to meet a new sexual procreation partner, with match making services as well. This will help to prevent unwanted romantic advances in places where people are not buying romance but something else.



Teach & Encourage Ascended Sexual Procreation


* Teach people more ascended practices in sexual procreation & encourage them to follow them.



New Ascended Products to Educate on Sexual Procreation


* Books to education people on the different types of sexual relationships from Ascension Political Party's perspective or ideology 

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