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Create a Complaints Department in the Government


* Create an obvious government department with an obvious name and well-advertised for people to complain about all departments of the government. Make sure that it is separate from all individual departments. Most people don't know where to go to complain. 


Allow ​Complaints to Own Political Party Members Before Own Area


* Attempt to change constituent services for complaints, such that constituents are allowed to complain to legislatures from their own political party first and not to just to the legislature from their area.




Complaint Assistance Businesses


* Promote the creation of for-profit and non-for-profit general complaint businesses which assist people to complain about their government in different ways:


-  protests

-  lawsuits

- contacting the inspector generals

- contacting legislatures

- contacting the United Nations

- etc...



Complain to United Nations


* Encourage people to complain to the United Nations when their government harms them. Too many people don't know to do this.

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