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Technology in General 


​Use Technology by Politicians in Open Government

* The government needs to improve its use of technology by elected politicians in open government to include smart boards and not just papers in their hands or cardboard posters.​

PSYCHiatric Hospitals

* Create laws that PSYCHiatric hospitals must use and provide access to technology for individual recreation and group recreational activities instead of coloring book paper (usually of animals, plants, or abstract images) for coloring with crayons or markers and paper novels only about only certain topics of what they think that their patients' reason for being in the hospital are.

Computers in Government Parks, Squares, ...

* Demand that the government place water resistant computers outdoors in government city parks, squares, and in front of government buildings which display information about the government buildings and services around the city, instead of just stone statues unrelated to the current government or its services.

Government Call Boxes Along Roads

* Demand that the government place government call boxes along roads in cities and between cities and along sidewalks in cities so that people who need any department of the government, especially in emergency situations, can call for assistance. Maybe make them every mile inside cities and every couple or few miles outside of cities.

Investigate PSYCHotronic Technology


* Demand that the government investigate the PSYCHotronic technology being used on residents




PSYCHiatric Hospitals


* Promote the creation of PSYCHiatric hospitals that use technology with patients:


- give computers and internet access to patients for individual recreation and group recreational activities instead of...

- have staff investigate patients online: their social media, online blogs, businesses, work, ...


* Consult PSYCHiatric hospitals on use of technology with patients ...

Homeless Shelters


* Promote the creation of homeless day and night centers with computer and internet access.

Consulting Businesses


* Promote the creation of consulting businesses for businesses and government use of technology...


Law Firms


* Promote the creation of law firms which lawsuit PSYCHiatric hospitals for no access or use to technology...

Computer & Phone Labs


* Promote the creation of for-profit computer and phone access businesses.


Counseling Businesses


* Promote the creation of counseling businesses that counsel people on better use of technology in their lives and on what technology actually exists.

Investigation of PSYCHotronic Technology Businesses

* Promote the creation of businesses that investigate the use of PSYCHotronic technology by CIA, FBI, military, police, PSYCHiatric hospitals, E.R.s, churches, more...

PSYCHotronic Technology Businesses

* Promote the creation of businesses that openly, publicly create PSYCHotronic technology which is already in use secretly



​Use Advanced Technology


* Encourage people to use the most advanced technology available that they can afford.


* Encourage people to ...




​Better Names & Logos


* Encourage the creation of new technology brands with better, more ascended names and logos.


Sci-fi Technology


* Encourage the creation of new technology that is seen in sci-fi entertainment.

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